Erogenous zones of men: the way to pleasure

male erogenous zones Men - being sometimes inexplicable.Very rarely during the next they say directly about their desires, in the belief that the woman herself should all know to guess the expression of the eyes, facial expressions or gestures.Therefore, the only way - to learn how to really read thoughts, pre-armed with the knowledge of where the erogenous zones of men, and how to influence them.

Top down

start any intimacy - kissing it, because the lips and tongue, a huge number of nerve endings.They can be gentle, passionate, slow or underwhelming - it all depends on their temperament.But do not be limited solely by the lips.Lasky ears, earlobes can be an excellent prelude, especially when combined with a gentle whisper, exciting and light biting.

Going down below, it is worth to pay attention to the neck.It is not as sensitive as women, however, the light stroking the back part of it is the ability to customize to the appropriate way.As caress his chest, oddly enough.Men's nipples are much less receptors compared with women, however, and they can respond to touch, becomes harder when a woman tenderly touches their tongue or fingertips.

should not forget about the back.There is the so-called cat's zone - the valley between the shoulder blades, which stroking (or even better - a touch of the breast) is bound to have the expected result.It should stay on the stomach.Women of the East, for example, believe that a man can bind only one "abdominal massage '- circular strokes, the radius of which increases in a spiral IUD - how to avoid complications? Intrauterine device - how to avoid complications? .

Surprisingly, very sensitive erogenous zones of men are located on the hands and feet.

themselves representatives of a strong half of mankind masculine appearance, but tender and vulnerable in the shower and brush their hands - from the outside, they can be quite rude, but the interior is sensitive, as well as the skin between the toes.

main area

Still petting any erogenous zone is not able to deliver such a man of clear, open and brilliant fun as stimulating sexual organs and the area around them.If the impact on the neck, ears, abdomen, arms, back can only be seen as a preliminary preparation for obtaining pleasure, the penis, perineum, scrotum - it's "heavy artillery".

most sensitive areas of the penis - it's head and bridle (thin strip of skin, which is located just below the head).Stroking a member with a gentle emphasis on these areas with sliding the up and down of the foreskin - a sure way to drive.Someone like when a woman embraces a member of the whole hand, others prefer a slight "ring" finger only, others adore subtle touch - it all depends on personal characteristics.Top

fun - of course, oral sex.This can be licking, biting (very carefully), easy sucking (it is important not to overdo it), tickling the lips or tongue - most importantly, do not forget to pay attention to the head.Nearby is the second, and the sensitivity of male erogenous zone - the scrotum, where the number of nerve endings per square centimeter is even higher than on the penis.

Finally, perineum and anus - as a place of concentration of receptors, the effect of the impact which will not take long.

There are men and some sort of secret women's "point of G» - place, stimulation of which can cause an orgasm, even if there is no sexual act itself.This is the prostate gland, which is not easy to get to.

In addition, many men are in no hurry to agree to such affection as very afraid of being accused of homosexual.Practice effects on the erogenous zone or not - each couple decides independently.

However, the most sophisticated lover knows that another kind of male erogenous zone is his hearing.The constant reminder that he is the best, experienced, skilled and sensitive lets beloved feel and share the joy and pleasure that he gives his partner.

Darya Tsvetkova