Wet dreams: a natural stage in the life of a teenager

pollutions pollutions especially characteristic of adolescence.They often occur during sleep, when dreaming adolescent erotic dream.This compensatory physiological phenomenon which prevents stagnation of sperm in the vas ways.But there are pathological emissions, caused by various diseases.

What pollutions

pollutions (literal translation from the Latin - the desecration) - is involuntary ejaculation (ejaculation) occurs in men is sexual intercourse or masturbation.Wet dreams are normal ejaculation due to sexual arousal and orgasm accompanied.These properties are different from pollutions involuntary ejaculation and other similar processes.Pollutions occur without sexual intercourse, men and women, which distinguishes them from premature ejaculation Premature ejaculation: the main thing - to diagnose Premature ejaculation: the main thing - to make a diagnosis , which may occur at the man before intercourse.

pollutions often occur during sleep, at least - in the waking state.In the dream they occur, usually with erotic dreams and spontaneous erections, but can occur without an erection.In the waking state pollutions occur against a background of sexual arousal in men with low threshold of excitability of the centers ejaculation.

Physiological pollutions

wet dreams begin to appear in adolescence or young adulthood with the onset of puberty.Continue physiological pollutions usually before a regular sex life.Pollutions in young men and middle-aged occur usually during prolonged sexual abstinence.They are a natural adaptive mechanism that causes the periodic emptying of the seminiferous tract and prevents stagnation in the genitals.

frequency of wet dreams are normal in adolescents and young adults - an average of once a week, adults - once a month.Physiological wet dreams do not cause any discomfort and harmful effects.

Pathological pollutions

More frequent wet dreams and their appearance in adult men leading a regular sex life, often indicate the presence of various diseases of the genital organs or the central nervous system.

reason pathologic pollutions often are inflammatory diseases of semyaobrazuyuschih and ejaculatory tract (prostate seed tubercle, seminal vesicles).Less occur neoplastic lesions of these organs, in which during the pollutions in semen blood appears (gemospermiya).Wet dreams may occur as a result of the defeat of the department of brain and spinal cord that carry out regular erection and ejaculation.

Pathological wet dreams are often accompanied by fatigue, weakness, lethargy, headache, disturbance of sexual function.Sometimes abnormal pollutions occur against the backdrop of neuroses, or themselves become the cause of neurosis.Often these wet dreams recur in strictly certain days, sick of waiting, nervous that further aggravates his neurotic condition.Perhaps even the appearance of pollutions neurotic character under the influence of strong emotional excitement (fear, including fear of death, anger, impatience) or severe intellectual and sensual tension without any connection with erotic thoughts.

frequent (sometimes several times a night, even against the backdrop of regular sexual life) pollutions are usually combined with the weakening of erection or no erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man or orgasm, and the longer keep such violationsthe stronger the neurotic disorder, the more likely the bar impotence Impotence - a female perspective on the problem Impotence - a female perspective on the problem central origin.

Diagnosis and treatment of pathological pollutions

Physiological wet dreams do not require treatment, they go after a man begins to live a regular sex life.

When pollutions in adult men leading a regular sex life, you need to conduct a survey to identify the causes of this phenomenon.If wet dreams occur against the background of various diseases of urogenital organs, the disease requires proper identification and adequate timely treatment.Only after such treatment wet dreams disappear.

pollutions as a manifestation of neurosis Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock also requires the identification of the causes of and treatment of the underlying disease - neurosis.In this case, helping measured way of life, the alternation of physical activity (walking outdoors, sports) with a good rest, including at night.Assist and various physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, spa treatment.

wet dreams do not have to worry about only very young people, adult men are more often a sign of a disease.

Galina Romanenko