Depressive disorders: if you do not want to live

depressive disorders Depression can occur in all mental disorders, while it is dangerous because it can greatly disrupt the adaptation of these patients in the community and lead to suicide.Depression changes the rhythm of life of patients and leads to disability as patients with severe mental illness, and patients with blurred forms of mental illness.

Depressive disorders - a sign of mental illness

depressive syndrome - a violation of the mental state of a change in sentiment, which becomes depressed and despondent.Simultaneously, the breakdown of intellectual activity, motor activity, and the numerous violations of the internal organs and systems.Depression - is affective disorder, meaning the loss of voluntary control of mood due to a temporary loss of braking or brain death.

Depression - is one of the signs of a mental illness Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? , which often occurs in a latent form, and the person is considered healthy.Various mental illness characterized by different depression.But they are united by the main risk of depression - suicidal tendencies or suicide.

reason of depression are disorders in the brain involving the cerebral cortex and the endocrine system.

Signs deressivnyh violations

Depressive disorders can be one of the signs of a disease, and the only sign it.The most common forms of depression are simple, with a characteristic triad of symptoms: boredom, reduce motor and mental activity.

In mild cases of depression appears in a bad mood, a sense of dissatisfaction, of his life and work, lose the desire to do something and somehow participate in family and community life.Patients find it laziness and lack of will (and indeed it is, depression - it's pretty much a violation and will).A bad mood can manifest itself in different ways: a constant slight sadness, bleak isolation and so on.In this state, a person usually blames himself in the absence of some skills and necessary action, but does nothing to correct the situation, simply suffers.Greatly reduced self-esteem and partially lost a critical attitude to himself and his actions - all rated as negative and worthless.Patients try to be alone with yourself, and no happy event usually can not bring them out of this state.Even mild depression is usually accompanied by disorders of the central nervous system and internal organs: insomnia, headache, vague discomfort throughout the body, sometimes a complete lack of appetite and a violation of the gastrointestinal tract.

When depression moderate to severe bad mood turns into a heavy depression - patients perceive it as a vague but strong physical pain in the chest and heart area.When the pain becomes unbearable, patients often tend to commit suicide.Expression - frozen mask with an expression of suffering, forever and Semi-underslung sick as if looking inward, not noticing anything around.

also increases and changes in the internal organs and systems: patients almost do not sleep, do not eat, there constipation, reduced blood pressure, hands and feet become cold and cyanotic.Disrupted the activities of the endocrine system: reduced function of the thyroid and gonads.

Sometimes depression takes atypical.For example, so-called "smiling" Depression is characterized by constant bitter smile that combines sadness and hopelessness.Stand as depression, are accompanied by various obsessions, complete loss of emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code (sense of insensitivity), with a sense of change in his spiritual "I" (depersonalization), with a sense of change in the external world (derealization).Depersonalization and derealization in such cases are usually combined.

treatment of depressive disorders

treatment of depression depends on its shape, as well as the underlying disease, the symptoms of which it is.Today, for the treatment of depression have special drugs - antidepressants, each of which has its own characteristics.Therefore, the doctor selects antidepressants individually for each patient, depending on the major signs of depression.Antidepressants are divided:

  • on drugs with stimulant properties;
  • on drugs that improve mood;
  • on drugs with sedative action and improves mood.

Unfortunately, the treatment of depression Treating depression - tablets needed Treatment of depression - tablets needed - this is a very complicated process, as difficult to choose an antidepressant.This happens due to the fact that in itself is a mental illness can be challenging, it can be difficult to identify some basic sign, but also because depressed patients often develop resistance (resistance) to such treatment.Therefore, and because of the tendency to suicide Suicide in terms of the psychiatrist - can it be prevented? Suicide in terms of the psychiatrist - can it be prevented? , depressed patients prefer to be treated in a hospital - constantly watching the sick, it is easier to pick up treatment and prevent a suicide attempt.

Galina Romanenko