Neuro-linguistic programming - just the complex

Neuro-linguistic programming - just the complex If you read in the title phrase "neurolinguistic programming" with sighs and groans were quick to translate his view of any other material or even gone to other home pages, this is no surprise.In absolute incomprehensibility of the language that describes the Internet neuro-linguistic programming, NLP can safely give 1000 points sopromat odds, the fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism and quantum physics together.But do not be afraid, we still try to briefly and clearly explain what kind of a beast, NLP.

In fact, if we ignore the many side techniques, principles, sub-complexes and related ten-and mostly devoid of real meaning of the words, it turns out that neurolinguistic programming is a way to, on the one hand, to understand what caused it, orotherwise the behavior of the object (the individual or group of individuals, group) with whom you are at this point in time you contact the other, to find the most effective way to persuade the object to the actions that are beneficial to you in the first place.

The concept of NLP and its basic principles were formulated in 1973 by American scientists John Grinder, Gregory Bateson, and at the time was a student of Richard Bandler (later, in the late 80's - early 90's, fathers NLP quarrel with each other onof who was the chief "father" and how is should be neurolinguistic programming - it came to litigation).The basic principle and the cornerstone of all the NLP, which is in the programming and holds a principle of modeling, that means before you act, you need to create a strategy to simulate the behavior of the object to which kontaktiruesh and who are trying to influence.Modeling in this case passes through several stages:

  • proper monitoring of the strategy of behavior of the object;
  • so-called coding strategy, that is, identification and description of the principles of the algorithms by which an object creates its own strategy;
  • «subtract" from the model created by the factors and principles which are minor and do not determine the purpose and character of the strategy of the facility;
  • double-creation strategy, with the help of which you either copy existing facilities to achieve very good results similar to, or are there a weak link, acting on that neutralizes this strategy.

Relatively speaking, the whole system of NLP is based on the conviction that not only and not so much the way a person sees the world affects his thoughts, reactions and behavior, much the contrary.That is, according to this view, if you want to achieve something from a man, do not try to change his outlook on life and values, it is enough to stimulate it (it would be more honest to say "make it through a series of manipulations") on those actions,which will be beneficial to you.Of course, this kind of knowledge and skills can be useful in all walks of life, as they somehow assume all communication between people, including for the purpose of medical treatment of neuroses and similar psychological states.But the most principles of neurolinguistic programming, of course, common in business and in communion with the opposite sex - it is in these areas promises proper communication the most important dividends.

course, NLP many supporters and even adepts.However, many people are opposed to practical use as the active principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming and against further theoretical research in this direction.On the one hand, many scientists say the absence of this scientific base in NLP, as this system has proven firm foundations of any psychology or linguistics, or in industry, especially dealing with the study of biochemical reactions.On the other, it raised the moral and ethical aspect of NLP, which is actually a way to manipulate the human mind against the will of whom this effect is.For example, many accused the creators of Neuro Linguistic Programming is that it is due to the use of these techniques adherents of various destructive mystical sects were able to recruit into its ranks a large number of people.

However, supporters of NLP, including make up the bulk of managers at various levels and foreign conquerors of hearts, dismiss these objections.Scientists, they say that they matter, whether NLP scientific basis or it is not, the main thing that this system gives them a narrow range of practical results.Well, for the champions of morality "NLP-ists" in general given up - it's somewhere where, as in love and in business all good.

Alexander Babitsky