Why do we get tired at work and how to handle this?

Work fatigue «All the work is good, choose on taste."Who does not remember this phrase from a children's poem?The phrase is correct - Now everyone can choose for themselves the type of activity that his (or her) best suits based on aptitudes, interests, physical and psychological capabilities.Every job has its own individual specificity that is inherent only to this type of activity.

work - is what allows a person to make a living, to assert themselves in society and not feel cut off from the complex and multi-faceted social organism.Fatigue adversely affects productivity and makes us lethargic and have little interest in the outcome.Why do we get tired at work, and how we can cope with this?

fatigue factor

main factors of fatigue at work can be a little.One of the main causes of chronic fatigue Chronic fatigue - if life is not a pleasant Chronic fatigue - if life is not a pleasant experience Workplace - excessive mental stress that is often experienced by workers.In this age of global information we have daily and hourly to process a huge number of various data, passing them through themselves, as if through a sieve or a sponge.The speed of life increasing year by year, which often leads to chronic fatigue, which over time can become a real stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? .

Another important factor of fatigue can become a long-term work at the computer, especially if your computer is equipped with a monitor obsolete.Fortunately, in our time, this problem can be solved - to work with a computer was as safe as possible, necessary color or black-and-white LCD monitors or LCD projectors, a modern 15-inch monitors.

nenormirovannyj frequent overtime work and also have a negative impact on the human body, which in turn leads to chronic fatigue.Last but not least this is due to our inability to properly plan their business and find the right balance between work and leisure.Fatigue of the body can also cause improper and irregular meals, which, among other things, is extremely harmful for health.Sedentary work in the wrong posture promotes stress certain muscle groups, which also affects our state and well-being, leading to fatigue.What measures should be taken to ensure that the workplace tired less?How to cope with chronic fatigue?

How to cope with fatigue

In order to cope with fatigue, you need all of the above factors are minimized.Moreover, in our time, a man comes to the aid of time-management, that is the art of time management.Its main principles greatly facilitate the life of modern people, and streamline their lives.The basic postulates of time management are advised to include as much as possible, try to plan their affairs priorities;try to work as efficiently as possible with the information, otherwise you will simply drown in it - discard minor details and devote more time to truly meaningful data;do not be afraid to make decisions and to look boldly into the eyes of their problems;do not try to persuade people and learn to say "no";learn how to alternate work and rest;to develop the most effective organization of its time, which ideally would be suitable for you.

If you follow these guidelines, you'll soon forget what chronic fatigue and lack of time, and you can finally take a deep breath!