Occupational stress and career business woman

occupational stress

For many people, work is the main source not only of income, but also stress.There are many causes of occupational stress, including the most obvious - occupation mismatch type of personality.The inability to cope with the responsibilities or lack of satisfaction from their performance increase the level of work-related stress.We'll talk about the main factors causing occupational stress - a problem which in our time is becoming more widespread

New technologies

Once it was assumed that the new technology will reduce the working hours, but in reality the opposite happens:We work longer and pay less and less time for families, friends and favorite activities.The rapid change in the working environment and practices often leads to increased professional stress.A lot of people performing different kind of work, constantly trying to keep up with the pace at which new technologies are developed.Today, many employees increasingly feel part of machines than part of the working team, and even more than the individual.Today people are more likely than ever to work alone (often - at home), or - in large companies, but in isolation from colleagues.

work in shifts

This is - the reason is very strong professional stress.Working in shifts knocks normal biological rhythm of a person and disturbs sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , causing a person can not relax normally, becomes irritable and sometimes worse than usual to cope with their work responsibilities, resulting inincreased stress.


Work on a permanent and tight deadlines is also a potential source of great stress.This effect is enhanced if the boss or the employee establishes virtually unrealistic goals and deadlines.

long time

If you weekly working too many hours (more or less a lot more normal than forty hours), there is a risk that over time, your productivity down as fatigue inevitably will have an effect.Lack of sleep and lack of normal (duration and quality) holiday enhance occupational stress.

Efficient use of time is one of the conditions to overcome this problem.


In big cities, in the last ten to fifteen years of driving pleasure has become one of the most unpleasant activities.Using public transportation is sometimes no less of a problem - especially if the person works away from home and to get to a destination, you need to make several changes.The way to work or home from work every day can take one to two hours in some cities - up to four hours.

working conditions

noise, high temperatures, poor ventilation, lack of windows in the rooms - all factors associated increase in occupational stress.In many countries, the jobs have to meet certain standards.

lack of interest in work

job just for the money leads to the fact that the employee does not feel the value of what he does and does not experience job satisfaction.Most people underestimate how much can be harmful conditions for their life.To cope with occupational stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , having such a cause, it is very difficult - firstly, because people often deny the existence of the problem, and secondly, because to find a job that brings joy, can be very difficult.


strong source of occupational stress may be working with people who you do not like, which have failed to establish rapport.Regardless of whether occurring in the workplace open conflicts or workers forced to suppress their real emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code , conditions are very harmful to human health.

Confidence in the future

In most countries, long gone are the days when people worked in the same place for decades, often - since the beginning of industrial practice until retirement.Now, especially in times of financial instability, even in wealthy countries, many people are afraid for their jobs.Contrary to the opinion, which is trying to popularize some politicians, it does not improve the quality of proposals in the labor market, but only increases work-related stress.

leadership positions

The need to make difficult decisions, antipathy subordinates frequent recycling - these and other factors make working in a managerial position a source of great stress, despite all its material advantages.