Female friendship - Myth or Reality?

Female friendship - Myth or Reality? True friendship - this is the prerogative of men.True friendship between women does not exist - or they pretend to be friends with any conscious or unconscious purpose, or cover some semblance of friendship and romantic, maybe a homosexual attraction.This is - a very widespread belief about female friendship, which is happy to carry the weight of not only men but also women.This is also explicitly or implicitly stated in many books.After all, we've all heard about it almost from childhood, but someone had to see this first hand.But what really lies behind the popular myth?

Female Brain

Most women are much better than men know how to reflect other people's emotions.One reason for this is that in the female brain in both hemispheres it contained more nerve cells responsible for the bodily sensations, and emotional distress.Being close to the other person, the woman immediately begins to "reflect" adjusting to the rhythm of breathing, muscle tension, and so on.It can detect minute changes in facial expressions and tone of voice and find their emotional memory in response to the question - what these changes mean that this person feels.Therefore, women are much better interpret such signals as a pause in the conversation, pursed lips, changes in posture.

Female hormones

action of the hormone also affects the ability of women to take other people's feelings.For example, women in larger quantities than in men, estrogen is produced Estrogen - a pledge of healthy bones Estrogen - the key to bone health and oxytocin - a hormone that causes a person to feel the desire to communicate with another person, both psychological and physical.It is due to this women experience more intense emotions, as well as more experienced pain, pleasure, and the whole range of feelings, which is located between them.


in prehistoric times for women who stayed at home alone, while the men were engaged in food production, it was necessary to accurately distinguish friend from foe, so that if necessary as soon as possible to hide the children in a safe place.To do this, she had already had to carefully observe the other people to know from whom to defend themselves, and who can ask for help.


does not seem surprising that with this ability to feel other women so well developed interpersonal skills, the need to care aboutothers, and even it is not difficult to believe that they are capable of true friendship.

This is confirmed by many scientists.They say that the emotional involvement in friendships among women on average are much stronger than men.According to the research of psychologists, a woman has an average of 5 people, which it considers close friends;men usually have no more than three close friends.The number of friends, according to scientists, does not affect the quality of the relationship.

has recently been discovered that when a woman experiences stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , her brain produces a chemical that causes it to create and strengthen friendships.Woman reacts to stress is not the type of "fight or flight".He has three options - fight, flight, or friendship.Probably should not say that many women choose the third option.This can occur in domestic situations.For example, if a woman is very excited about the upcoming exam, she has three options - hard to sit at the books, give up and hope that it will drop the ticket that she knows, or chat with a friend over a cup of coffee.Last in terms of men entirely constructive.In fact, at the time such communication, even if the conversation is almost nothing, a woman's brain starts to work actively.It reflects the emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code his girlfriend, and this is activated it emotional memory.When then she sits down to prepare for the exam (if she still decides to prepare), it will be much easier to remember the material.This is just one of the pleasant side effects of female friendship.

turns out, chat with friends extend the life of the woman.Scientists from Harvard conducted a study, the results of which allowed them to conclude that the health of women who do not have at least one friend, suffers from this as well as smoking or obesity.

more important Biochemistry is one simple thing - every person knows what is behind his friendship.Someone's opinion can not change a truly warm and sincere relations.And friendship is, of course, can not be sex - it either exists or not.