Can you cope with the frigidity?

frigidity When sexual desire suddenly disappears, it always becomes a cause for concern.But the concern is often premature, and no need to panic just because everything possible to correct.Causes of frigidity Frigidity pathology or liberation? Frigidity pathology or liberation? in women may be different, and is repelled from them.

What is frigidity?

term "frigidity" is used by doctors, psychologists, sexologists many years to refer to a lack of sexual desire in women.Today, frigidity to also include anorgasmia - the inability to experience sexual pleasure.And the disorder is manifested either from the start of sexual activity, or only after a certain time after a period of a harmonious sexual life desire and ability to have fun disappear.

«Congenital" coldness

When the girl from the beginning of sexual relations Sexual relations: how to bring passion Sexual relations: how to bring passion can not have fun, there may be several reasons.Firstly, it is often associated with sexual trauma received in childhood.In this case, the girl for a long time may associate intimacy with danger.When she was brought up in a strict religious family, maybe she lives in the belief that sexual pleasure is sinful, and it is, accordingly, it currently prohibits.To overcome such situations can not do without the help of a psychologist, sexologist, who for a period of six months to a year will be able to solve the problem.

Temporary frigidity

Sometimes the sexual appetite is lost because of the strong stressful experiences How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , caused by, for example, the loss of loved ones, job changes, problems of a personal plan, divorce and so on.In this case, work with professionals to solve problems of a sexual nature may not give results.It is necessary to solve the problem, not its consequence.Often it is recommended to do this together with a therapist who will help to get out of depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood , or try to regain their own zest for life.And as soon as he appears, frigidity will be over.

Combination therapy

frigidity Sometimes the roots lie in a medical problem.For example, long-term diabetes or multiple sclerosis have a negative effect on the libido.In this case shows the work with a specialist, combined with drug therapy.

But even despite the fact that the two main types of frigidity identified and treatable, it is not always easy.In addition to interviews with the doctor and the medication itself woman should work on themselves.Sometimes a lack of sexual desire and pleasure associated with disrespect to your body or to himself, and then have to re-build relationships with them, allow yourself to relax.Only when a woman will be able to understand and accept yourself, your inner world and your body, it will be able to experience the pleasure of sex life and forget about what is frigidity.