Psychopathy - when nothing can be done

psychopathy Psychopathy is also called pathological or abnormal character.Descriptions of misconduct, is not accompanied by psychosis, contained in the writings of psychiatrists, since the beginning of the 19th century, but most fully described psychopathy domestic psychiatrist PBGannushkina at the beginning of the last century.Today called the psychopathy personality disorder.

Causes and prevalence of psychopathy

Psychopathy - a state of disharmony of the person at the counter a sufficient safety intelligence.Disharmony in the psychopathy expressed so painless that prevents social and professional adaptation of the patient.Psychopathic personality warehouse is a permanent innate property of the person.Among adults, psychopathy occur in 5-15% of people.

reasons psychopathy - constitutional predisposition (especially of the structure and functioning of the central nervous system), and genetic factors are inherited.Sometimes persistent ugliness of character develop on the background of minor birth defects Birth injuries - than they threaten your child? Birth injuries - than they threaten your child? and brain diseases, as well as the adverse impact of the environment or the wrong upbringing.

Signs of the main types of psychopathy Psychopathy

divided into separate types, but this division is conditional, because basically there are mixed types.The following types of psychopathic personalities: schizoid, paranoid, psychasthenic, asthenic, affective, hysterical, epileptic, unstable.

  • Schizoid psychopathic personality - closed, unsociable, reserved, inflexible people.Schizoid may be susceptible (sensitive) and expansive.Sensitive schizoid sensitive, vulnerable, dreamy, easily fatigued, avoid violent manifestations of feelings, painful proud.Expansive schizoid - cold, strong willed nature, indifferent to the needs of others, but they are vulnerable and insecure.
  • paranoid psychopathic personalities tend to form overvalued ideas, in the power which they then find themselves.They are suspicious, resentful, limited.This type includes pathological jealous, bigots, barrator fanatics.
  • psychasthenic psychopathic personalities are different tendency to doubt, the lack of self-confidence in the correctness of their judgments and actions.They are scrupulous, conscientious, panic fear of future trouble and different propensity to jam on the little things that violate their ability to carry out any work.
  • for asthenic psychopaths is a general nervous weakness, lack of activity, irritability, coupled with timidity.In the process, they often disturbed concentration, reduced efficiency.
  • affective psychopathic personality - good-natured, kind-hearted, friendly, good-natured people.Their distinctive feature - the emotional volatility.The mood changes as influenced by external circumstances, and without them, it prevents them adapt to society.
  • hysterical psychopathic personality type characterized by the desire for recognition, the desire to attract attention.In this sense they are superficial and devoid of judgment maturity and seriousness.Such people are distinguished theater and insincerity.
  • epileptic (excitable) psychopathic personalities are different temper, irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper , rancor, sometimes brutal, coupled with sometimes sadistic.In the life of active, persistent, stubborn, claim to leadership, intolerant of the opinions of others.Prone to fits of anger and rage, and violent acts.
  • instability (limp) psychopathic personalities tend to passivity, helplessness, impermanence, combined with the inability to purposeful activity.Without hesitation, they change their decision and the installation place of work and profession, do not lead to the end of the begun business, easy to adopt negative behaviors.

How is psychopathy

main criterion of psychopathy are social maladjustment and inadequate behavior.When shallow anomalies certain psychopathic deviation may remain for a long time is not too noticeable and not cause social maladjustment.But regardless of the type of psychopathy psychopathic personalities features high sensitivity to internal and external influences (stress, disease, injury, high physical and mental stress, and so on).Under their influence the processes of social adaptation are violated, then there comes the decompensation process.

clearly stands Us decompensation with age.Exacerbations often occur at age 3 - 4 years, 7 - 8, 13 - 14, 18 - 20, 30 - 31, 42 - 43, 48 -50 years.

Treatment and prevention

main method of treatment of psychopaths is a psychotherapeutic treatment.Drug therapy is conducted only when the increased excitability, aggression or sharply depressed mood.

Prevention psychopathy - warning of birth injury and intra-normal conditions.At the first signs of violations of the nature of the child need to see a psychiatrist - this can prevent possible social maladjustment in the future.

Galina Romanenko