Hypochondriacal syndrome - accompanied by a variety of diseases

hypochondriasis Signs hypochondria described Hippocrates, the term "hypochondria" was proposed in the II century Roman physician K.Galenom, which assumed that the cause of this disease is the disorder in the hypochondrium (gipohondrion - area of ​​the bodyunder the cartilaginous part of the ribs, in ancient times believed that it was here that the location of the disease).

What is it?

hypochondriac syndrome - a painfully exaggerated concern for their health, as well as belief in the presence of a disease in the absence of the actual disease.

the early stages of the development of psychiatry hypochondria viewed as a distinct disease, and later began to consider that it is only a syndrome that accompanies various diseases.Features hypochondria defined disease, against which it develops, so there is a whole group of hypochondriacal syndromes (phobic, depressive, senestopaticheski-hypochondriacal, delusional).

phobic hypochondriac syndrome

phobic (neurotic) hypochondriac syndrome occurs in the neuroses - functional (recoverable) disorders of the nervous system that have arisen because of the stress and long-term emotional and mental stress.This is usually thought of suffering severe cardiac, cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, and so forth, constantly harassing the patient.Such thoughts are amenable to dissuade.Sensations from the internal organs in them depend on accompanying vegetative disorders (the autonomic nervous system innervates internal organs and blood vessels, it is very sensitive to the mood of the patient, causing, for example, spasms of smooth muscles of her jurisdiction), and have a clear whereabouts.In some cases, they can occur in the background of a slight illness of the internal organs.

depressive hypochondriac syndrome

depressive hypochondriac syndrome occurs on the background of the doldrums.If there are persistent depressed mood that can not be thought of correcting any incurable disease.This excruciating pain patients convince a sufficiently precise localization (location).Depressive syndrome ipohondnichesky defies dissuade and remains as long as the depression continues Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood .There is this kind of hypochondria Hypochondria - when fear suddenly rolled Hypochondria - when fear suddenly rolled often in manic-depressive psychosis Manic-depressive psychosis - what phases the most dangerous? Manic-depressive illness - which are the most dangerous phase? .

Senestopaticheski-hypochondriac syndrome

Senestopaticheski-hypochondriac syndrome is usually caused by slow schizophrenia at a time when the patient has not yet developed delusions (strong belief in something untrue).Senestopatii - a painful unusual sensations on the surface of the body under the skin in the head, in the legs, inside the body.

describing their feelings, talk about feeling ill "as if to touch the skin with fur on it continuously carried out with a wire brush, leather heated, pull under the skin takes some movement through the spray head are cold, blood vessels in her tense, burst, there is sand in the joints, limbs deformed insides burn, they roll over, stick together, and so on. "Senestopatii schizophrenia abundant, varied and not comparable with the usual feelings, they are a constant and important part senestopaticheski-hypochondriac syndrome.This syndrome arises as organic diseases of the central nervous system (traumas, stroke, tumors and so on).Single senestopatii meet with nervousness.

raving hypochondriac syndrome

raving hypochondriac syndrome occurs in schizophrenia and can occur in three ways: paranoid, paranoid and paraphrenic.Brad - is a false judgment about anything due to causes painful and is not supported by objective data.

When paranoid delusions hypochondriacal syndrome develops a belief in the presence of severe disease, evidence drawn from experiences of the past.Patients with persistently sought more and more research, doctors accused of neglecting.When sprouting such nonsense Brad - not only crazy Brad - not only crazy arise ideas of persecution, organized by doctors.

hypochondriacal syndrome of paranoid delusions combined with the phenomena of mental automatism (thoughts and voices sounding in his head schizophrenic patient against his will).If the patient has previously been senestopatii, they acquire the character of hallucinations (eg the patient think that his body crawling worms).There are ideas of influence: the patient believes that his is irradiated at a distance of some devices, invisible rays pass through his body, destroying the brain and internal organs.

With further development of the disease is formed paraphrenic hypochondriac syndrome.Brad gets fantastic grandiose character.The impact is perceived as coming from other planets, the whole body is destroyed.Brad combined with numerous hallucinations: patients see, hear and feel what is actually there.

Provided as nihilistic hypochondriacal delusions where patients are convinced that their insides rotted, no heart, and so on.Such nonsense is often at the age of psychosis.

Treatment hypochondriac syndrome - a treatment of the underlying disease and the earlier it starts, the more optimistic outlook for the will of the patient.

Galina Romanenko