Psychosis - when self out

psychoses All of mental illness Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? arise as a result of human interaction with the environment - from nature or society.Such diseases are specific to human - animals are not sick.Today, it is believed that about 10-15% of the population of our planet in need of psychiatric care.

What kinds of psychosis and its

Psychosis - a group of the most severe mental illnesses, accompanied by severe mental disorder - delusions Brad - not only crazy Brad - not only crazy , hallucinations, confusion, sudden motorand affective (with strong excitation) disorders and so on.Psychosis require psychiatric emergency.

psychoses are divided into two groups: exogenous (caused by some external influence) and endogenous (caused by internal factors).Exogenous psychoses are caused by trauma, acute infectious diseases, toxic substances (for example, poisoning, including alcohol and drugs), diseases of internal organs, post-partum psychosis, psychosis against the backdrop of job alcoholics alcohol (delirium tremens) and so on.

endogenous psychosis - a schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis Manic-depressive psychosis - what phase are the most dangerous? Manic-depressive illness - which are the most dangerous phase? , senile psychoses.These psychoses are usually inherited roots.

According to how it is when symptoms appear or that psychosis, they are divided into hallucinatory, delusional, hallucinatory-delusional, affective (excitation can be combined withgood or bad mood), schizoaffective (incitement against a background of schizophrenia), hysterical, alcoholic (they have their own special manifestations).

main manifestations of psychosis

main manifestations of psychosis regardless of what caused the psychosis - a delusion, hallucinations, movement disorders, and mood disorders.Since these symptoms in humans originally were not, then they are called psihopoduktivnoy or positive symptoms.On the contrary, psihonegativnaya or negative symptoms - a loss of certain properties of the psyche.

Brad - is false reasoning and judgment that the patient perceives as truth.Reassure the patient of the error of judgment impossible.The most common types of delirium are delirium of jealousy Jealousy and that to do with it Jealousy and what to do with it , persecutory delusions and delusions of grandeur.

Hallucinations - a condition where patients see, hear and feel what is actually there.Hallucinations can be simple when the patient only sees or hears (feel) anything, but can be complicated when the patient turns to the whole action and he is often involved in it, subject to the voices that sound in his head, and perceiving hallucinations as an objectivereality.

disorders of motor activity may occur sharp retardation - this is called a stupor or, conversely, motor excitation - the patient is moving all the time, a lot of (usually the case) said hamming commits unpredictable actions.

Mood disorders can appear as a very good, high, joyful mood (euphoria), unfulfilled dreams and plans, inadequate actions - such a state is called a manic, and on the contrary, sharply reduced, with thoughts and suicide attempts - a condition called depression.Mood changes in either direction occurs regardless of external circumstances.

Psychosis - an acute disease that usually goes away after treatment.But it often happens that after suffering a psychosis in humans appears psihonegativnaya symptoms - drop certain mental functions, for example, love to know (it appears instead of indifference), initiative, commitment to something and so on.Such changes can significantly disturb the social life of man.

Exogenous psychoses are usually not repeated, endogenous and can occur only once in a life without any consequences, but more often they are repeated or the transition to the continuous course of the disease.

treatment of psychosis

Psychosis - an acute condition in which a person may be dangerous to others and himself, so it must be treated in hospital.It is important to begin treatment in a timely manner, that is, as soon as possible - depends on the prognosis of the disease.

combination therapy is used by various psychotropic drugs, selected strictly individually, according to the presence of those or other signs of disease.This long-term therapy, as is often the case that a particular drug does not have the necessary impact on the patient and it is replaced with another drug.If psychosis started to heal in time, all of his symptoms and the consequences can be avoided for 1-2 months in advanced treatment of psychosis extended for an indefinite period of time.

If a person showing signs of psychosis, do not attempt to treat yourself or something to convince, call an ambulance.

Galina Romanenko