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How to save a relationship There are times when the relationship reaches a point that either you or a partner, or both feelit can no longer continue the relationship.But even if this is so, perhaps, even the bond between you is strong, and you both want to keep the relationship, but do not know that it was done to save them.If your relationship is going through a difficult period, but you do not want to lose a partner and want to establish contact with him, you can follow these tips.

Understand the causes of the crisis in relations

In most cases, couples break up because of the fact that they are having difficulty, or they feel that they can no longer be together, but people are rarely at the same time find out the true causesproblems.It is important that both of you have found the root of conflict, have understood the true picture of what is happening.

Be reasonable, rational and calm

When a couple is going through difficult times and conflicts, there are a variety of emotions, which can interfere with one or both act rationally.Because of this, people often say and do things that only worsen the situation.Although it may be difficult, it is important to try to remain calm and think wisely and rationally speaking.If your partner does not try to solve the problem with you, you should take responsibility for the preservation of peace in the pair.You must patiently listen to a partner before starting to speak.And we should not talk about what you may later regret.

Give each other a little space

If your prudence and serenity do not help, and you will see that the relationship is notshifted off the ground, try to spend some time apart.It may be hard, but really help you.Many people react too emotionally, when they have difficulty with a partner and want to immediately solve the problem, but it's definitely a bad way.The only thing you can achieve - the partner will feel that he was under pressure, and this will only lead to further conflict.Try to spend some time apart - give the partner and yourself room to emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code and thoughts.

Agree to disagree

The next time you start a rational discussion with a partner, be prepared to disagree with your partner.It is very important that both remembered that, as a couple, you still are individual with their own beliefs and concepts.Agree that the opposition in anything does not mean your incompatibility, and your uniqueness.You have to respect the differences and use them to build relationships, not try to change each other.


Perhaps there are things that you would not want your partner to do it.But the truth is that you can not change your partner's personality and his hobbies.What should I do in this situation?You need to find a compromise, "neutral territory" - areas where you both feel comfortable and confident, trust each other and feel that you can save your relationship.

Work team

preserve and maintain relations requires efforts from both.If the partner is not trying to help in the preservation of relationships, perhaps you'd better leave it for a while, until he decides whether these relationships are important to him.Sometimes the solution can be painful - partner can decide to end the relationship.However, it is likely that the partner still understand how important you are in his life and gradually comes to readiness to work to preserve relations with you.

key to success - patience

not panic.Relationship - a fragile matter, especially when you are going through a difficult period.You can not fix everything in one day.Do not worry if the changes take longer than you expect.No one can predict how long you will need.The only thing that will produce results - it is the effort and patience.If you try and work to resolve the problem, results will not wait too long.

not rush

If you are with a partner able to resolve the conflict, do not rush.If you will seek as soon as possible to return to normal, the same problems that caused the crisis in the relationship, there may be again.Talk with each other about what happened and how you will continue to prevent such situations or to solve them.If you have both decided to keep the relationship, you will not need to rush - nobody leaves.

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