On the way to orgasm four true step

On the way to orgasm 4 true pitch Cases set aside, it's time for love.Are you ready for another "session", looking forward to it, but there's a subtle point: you re not sure what to achieve orgasm.This is repeated over and over again, and you do not know what you're doing wrong, what drives you crazy.But do not worry so much - in order to smoothly reach the highest peak of the love of pleasure to remember a few tricks that will undoubtedly help to experience the whole gamut of emotions, which must bear an act of love for everyone.

Step №1: Set yourself

If you are not ready to relax and make love, neither of which the orgasm is not the question.Your body, your bedroom, your brain - everything has to be ready for this, because it is one of the main keys to success.You should be convenient, comfortable - is one of the main rules to achieve pleasure.

Shag№ 2: Love your body

Love to your body during lovemaking is important no less than the desires of the body of your partner.If you believe in yourself, do not hesitate and do not be ashamed of themselves - maybe it sounds strange, but it works - you certainly will approach one step in defusing cherished.When you make love with your partner, imagine that you are doing it ... with me.That's how you have to treat your own body.

Step №3 Relax

It's time to go into the bedroom.Free your mind from all the problems and think only about what you and your loved one will fall into the arms of one another and swirl it in the maelstrom of love.The less you think, the easier it will reach a climax.If you is not easy to relax completely, there is nothing wrong with that, prior to this a glass of wine, which liberate you.

Step №4 expand

Surely you've heard that a woman during sex should take a pose a blossoming flower.This is the surest path to orgasm - to open up and relax, fully opening their partner without a drop of embarrassment.The only thing that should be in your head at this point - it is a pleasure that you experience, indulging in amorous pleasures, and nothing more.