Mental health care - will help force?

psychiatric care psychiatric care in Russia is on the basis of neuropsychiatric dispensaries, whose task is to identify and treat patients with mental illness Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? .In life, sometimes there are situations when you might need emergency psychiatric care - as it is always possible to bring to the patient.

General principles of psychiatric care

Russia has a national system of mental health care, which includes the provision of emergency, outpatient, inpatient care and expertise of mentally ill people.Social security bodies are homes for people with disabilities (psychiatric nursing) for chronic patients, education authorities - and the boarding school for mentally retarded children and adolescents.

mental health care in the Soviet Union for a long time carried out without the support of the law, so often used in psychiatry punitive measures, including involuntary admission and treatment without good reason.This undermined confidence in the mental health care.And if the Western countries psychiatrist - is the best friend and constant counselor almost every family, we have people try to avoid this specialist.But time passes, today psychiatric care provided in accordance with the Law on psychiatric care and guarantees of citizens' rights in its provision (FZ 3185-1 from 02.07.1992g.) As amended changes over the past few years: from 21.07.1998 N 117FZ from 25.07.2002 N 116-FZ of 10.01.2003 N 15-FZ of 29.06.2004 N 58-FZ of 22.08.2004 N 122-FZ, the Resolution of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation of 27.02.2009 N 4-APThe law clearly spelled out all the rules of psychiatric care and given a guarantee that this aid will be provided free to any citizen of our country.

State guarantees: emergency, outpatient and inpatient mental health care, psychiatric examination, welfare assistance (including device, the disabled and elderly), assistance in employment of persons with mental disorders, issues of guardianship, legal advice andOther kinds of legal assistance, mental health services during disasters and catastrophes.

Along with public psychiatric care are allowed to provide non-state paid medical psychiatric care physicians and medical institutions that have received a license for the right to engage in this activity.

provide emergency psychiatric care

Emergency psychiatric care to citizens of Russia provided around the clock.Behind it is necessary to address, if a person suddenly appeared such symptoms: sudden excitement, anger, malice, aggression, or vice versa, confusion, inappropriate behavior, hallucinations, suicide attempts.Such conditions are dangerous not only for the patient but also to others, so patients need acute care.

outpatient psychiatric care

for outpatient mental health care in Russia, a network of neuropsychiatric dispensaries (PND), where care is provided in the form of consultative and medical assistance or of follow-up.

Advisory and medical care is provided by a psychiatrist IPA at independent treatment of the patient, and in the case of a minor under the age of 15 years - at the request or with the consent of his parents or other legal representative.

Clinical supervision is also installed with the consent of the patient for regular monitoring of the patient, his treatment and social assistance.Without the consent of the patient can be put on a clinical account only in cases where the patient suffers from a chronic mental disorder with severe or persistent symptoms often exacerbated.The decision on arming or disarming dispensary Commission adopted psychiatrists.

all their appointments psychiatrist agrees with the patient or his representative and with the exception of those cases when the patient requires assistance to be sure, due to his health condition.

psychiatric examination is conducted to determine whether the examinee is suffering from a mental disorder, if he needs psychiatric help and what kind.It is carried out at the request or with the consent of the subject or his legal representative, as well as by the decision of the guardianship authorities, which can be appealed in court.Psychiatric examination can be carried out without the consent of the subject or his legal representative in cases where the patient is at a dispensary, if the examinee performs dangerous actions, manifests helplessness or condition can deteriorate if left without psychiatric care.

inpatient psychiatric care

referral for treatment or examination at a psychiatric hospital conducted strictly voluntarily if the psychiatrist considers it necessary.Involuntary hospitalization is carried out only by a court decision, as well as in emergency situations, when leaving the patient without care can lead to serious consequences for him and others.If hospitalization of the child up to 15 years in the case of objections or absence of parents or other legal representatives hospitalization held by decision of the guardianship authority, which may be appealed in court.

treatment in a psychiatric hospital and Policy Pay voluntarily except in cases when the patient requires emergency care or treatment ordered by the court.

Do not be afraid of the psychiatrist, he will be able to help in any case, even if the disease has gone away, and in that case, if it is not explicitly expressed.

Galina Romanenko