Premature ejaculation: the main thing - to make a diagnosis

Premature ejaculation Sexual disorders - a phenomenon quite common, but not all of them are turning to the doctor.Some men are too trust advertising that promises to remove all the existing reception problems miracle pills (invented, such as wizards in the wilds of the African jungle).Many men have already paid for their health credulity, but the number of those wishing to quickly solve all their problems is not decreasing.

Sexual disorders and their causes

to sexual disorders are painful changes of sexual manifestations - sexual desire, sexual excitability, erection (penis fill with blood) and ejaculation (ejaculation).At present time, it is well established that only a small part of the sexual disorders are observed at various neuropsychiatric, endocrinological diseases and diseases of internal organs, The bulk of these disorders is not is based on some ill effects.This means that the basis of such diseases often lie features (accentuation) character.

What is ejaculation and phase

Ejaculation or ejaculation - this selection discharge in women when there is cause for concern Selections women when there is cause for concern secretion of the testes and accessory genital glands.This is a complex reflex act, which is deployed in a particular sequence, and consists of two phases (launch, mixing secret of sexual glands and throwing it).The sequence of this act promotes mixing of the secrets of various glands, which is a prerequisite for life and activity of sperm.

A man in a series of ejaculations, following each other at short intervals, sperm disappear in the third or fourth portion and again found in the ejaculate obtained after 2-3 days of sexual rest.

premature ejaculation and its causes

Premature ejaculation - ejaculation is when there is insufficient excitation occurring before or immediately after the startsexual contact.Such violations are fairly common and cause frustration for both partners, which in turn is the cause of the violation of their relationship.

All the cases of premature ejaculation can be divided into psychological and caused by any disease.Psychological factors (anxiety and irritability) come to the fore in his youth, at the beginning of sexual activity.All of these phenomena are usually, but can sometimes cause the appearance of a permanent focus of excitation in the brain, and duration of disease.These foci of excitation in the brain centers ejaculation may be inborn, a condition called syndrome paracentral lobules.

acquired or secondary causes - this is usually the result of a variety of inflammatory diseases of the prostate and urethra.In addition, such violations may occur against the backdrop of erectile dysfunction.So, too high sexual activity can cause the appearance of a man the ability to frequent, but non-sustained (premature ejaculation), sexual acts.Premature ejaculation can also be the result of injury or disease (eg, osteoarthritis osteochondrosis - learn how to distribute the weight Osteochondrosis - learn how to distribute the weight , tumors) of the lumbosacral spine.

How does premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation leads to the fact that a man begins to control the sexual act, trying to delay the process of ejaculation, which means that it is in a constant state of stress, which exacerbates the situation, affecting not only ejaculationbut not an erection Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man .All this is the reason that a man begins to fear and avoid sexual contacts.

correct diagnosis - the mainstay of treatment

In order to identify the cause of premature ejaculation, it is necessary first of all to exclude urogenital diseases.To do this, the doctor conducts an external examination, rectal examination (the study of internal genital organs by palpation through the rectum - can be found, for example, enlargement of the prostate).

As additional methods of research is usually conducted laboratory studies.To detect infection carried microscopic examination of smears from genital secretions in the crop nutrient media, blood analysis by PCR (detection of bacterial DNA).It made a study of the ejaculate.To identify the diseases that caused the premature ejaculation, carried ultrasound genitals, if necessary - a series of x-ray examinations.

treatment of premature ejaculation

Treatment depends on the cause of the disease.If there is a purely psychological reasons restorative treatment is carried out in conjunction with the rational (awareness) and other types of psychotherapy.

the presence of inflammatory diseases of urinary organs being treated well (attibakterialnoe treatment, physiotherapy, etc.) with the mandatory laboratory control izlechennnosti.Local businesses procedure helps relieve inflammation and improve sexual function.ALWAYS restorative and psychotherapeutic treatment.

any violations of sexual function is better to immediately consult a doctor - sex therapist or urologist, since all these violations have "secured" in the cerebral cortex, and these states are more difficult to treat.

Galina Romanenko