How to fall in love with the guy and drown his polygamous instinct

both fall in love with a Man No matter how many say that the feelings or appear, or not, lovers girls continue to look for ways to fall in love with the object of his adoration.In fact, it is not impossible, though, and you need of considerable energy.Regardless of the outcome (and it is often positive), you'll get valuable experience and learn a lot, especially about myself.

You have to be a

is the most important, the most obvious and the most difficult to implement the advice.In the words of Oscar Wilde: "Be yourself.The rest of the roles are already taken. "You can not be yourself if you do not know, do not understand and do not accept yourself.And if you can not, it can not and the guy.The most attractive people - the most real, the most full of life.These are only those that do not play the roles of others, who is free from stereotypes.This, incidentally, will help you better understand - what kind of person you want as a partner for life.It is a partner, not a satellite - that is equitable, independent, who is a solid, bright personality itself.Be yourself may seem difficult, but in the end, this is the only condition under which you can be sure that your partner loves you and it's not what you seem him at this time.

Conduct research

Gather as much information about your site - who works, what his education, what hobbies he spends his spare time and make friends with anyone.This is more than useful.For example, if it spreads spiders at home, and you have a terrible arachnophobia, you can save a lot of nerve cells themselves and him know in advance about this hobby.Moreover, if in its interests, there is something, you really do not understand you, you can make at least a general idea about the subject.You do not need to develop an interest in it - enough to possess general information.

Become more attractive

Maybe it's trite, but it is necessary to please a man.You are not required superhuman efforts.It is important to be healthy, toned, track bearing Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight and observe the rules of hygiene.These are the basic rules, without which fade any outfit and makeup.Maybe you should go to a consultation with the stylist, he helped to pick you up hair, makeup and clothing style.Regarding the latter, the most important thing here - it's your comfort.It makes you attractive harmony of your inner world and the external image.Say goodbye to the delusion that men like bright make-up and clothes.They pay attention to them, yes, but - as you would like.

Look at him, if you do not know if familiar - boldly spoke to him

you thinkyour embarrassment the young man notices that he is interested in you, and if he wants, he will speak?You think in terms of women, men also have little understanding of hints.Their thinking is straightforward: she does not speak with me, and even almost smorit - then I'm not interested in it.No matter how scared to speak to those who you like, just do it.For example, pay attention to his phone, camera, laptop, a device for reading electronic books, or something else.Say something like thinking to buy and collect views on the different models.They love to talk about their high-tech toys!Show interest in the technical details of which he tells you, ask more questions.

not talk about their problems

talk about them all, and it's tiring.Most say that you have everything turns out, you deal with everything - and you'll be special for him.

not impose meeting

Call first, you can talk, "Why?Come all the same meet.Come on! "- Is impossible in any case.Most men do not like it when someone other than them, so obviously trying to control their behavior.

Be independent

not show a willingness to run around the clock to it on a date (even if you really want), from time to time, turn off the phone, leave the city for the weekend - without him.Men are not interested to take what is in the hands of self.He passionately wants to catch it - and that - that escapes.