Imitation of orgasm: Causes and Consequences

  • Imitation of orgasm: Causes and Consequences
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Imitation of orgasm: Causes and Consequences Scientists have launched a new attempt to understand the evolutionary roots and modern function of female orgasm - as well as its imitation.According to the study, sixty-seven heterosexual women admit that from time to time imitate orgasm.The majority of men believed that their partners do not - only twenty percent of the respondents think that their partner sometimes can imitate orgasm.In addition, they recognize that they would not like to know about a woman pretending to bed.

Given that only twenty-eight percent of men admitted that they had to fake orgasms, it is not surprising.What is surprising is pretending not always bad for sex life.Depending on the motivation of women imitation of orgasm can increase her sexual satisfaction - according to scientists, some women imitate him so hard that in the end, they feel closer to this climax.

gift of nature or control of fertilization?

Ninety percent of men say that is important to them that their partner experienced orgasm, and, according to scientists, it has good reason.In a recent study involved 299 heterosexual men;Each of them was asked about when they last had sex with their partners, and how long after that they were together.Then each of them was asked how much they would like to see during the next sexual contact their partner experienced orgasm, and how much effort they are willing to apply for it.It turned out that the most interested in their partner orgasm men after the last sexual contact not seen with the girls or wives.Scientists have suggested that the way men seek to prevent a possible infidelity of their women.A deeper explanation for this is that, perhaps initially the female orgasm was a need for the selective absorption of certain male sperm.

In primitive societies men a woman could engage in sex with many men in a relatively short period of time - and perhaps most likely to become pregnantfrom the man with whom she had an orgasm.Because of such a device primitive societies men are relatively large testes and it produces a lot of sperm.For example, a male mountain gorillas, which have the whole harems of females, the testicles are relatively small.

Other scientists, however, believe that the female orgasm has nothing to do with fertilization and is a kind of byproduct of the male orgasm.

male orgasm obviously facilitates ejaculation and thus procreation.Women also received a gift from nature, which does not bear any functional load.In support of this, scientists led by the fact that only eight per cent of women are able to get an orgasm during normal sexual intercourse and without additional stimulation, while the majority of men do it.Furthermore, women who have orgasms thus clitoris is the closest to the entrance to the vagina than most women.

composite function - orgasm

Despite the fact that while it was not possible to establish a direct connection between the female orgasm Female Orgasm: A Guide for Women Female Orgasm: A Guide for Women and fertility, there are new data that give grounds forassumptions about the presence of such a connection.For example, it found that women who experience orgasm after sexual intercourse implies ago fewer sperm;In addition, uterine contractions are a major way of moving sperm into the uterus and fallopian tubes, one of which may be ready to fertilize the egg.The fact that the uterus contracts under the influence of the hormone oxytocin that is released after orgasm may be another argument in favor of a link between female orgasm and insemination.

Since orgasm is a very complex function that involves the autonomic system and requires substantial brain activity, it is difficult to believe that it can be completely useless.

Another suggestion regarding its function lies in the fact that, perhaps, he gives her the opportunity to subconsciously decide whether she wants to be fertilized specific partner or not.Studies have found that women are more likely to have an orgasm with those men who have the most symmetrical body.One of the most probable explanation for this is that an orgasm with a partner increases the chances of fertilization and the birth of healthy offspring as symmetrical body unconsciously perceived as a sign of a healthy genotype, and the asymmetry causes fear possible genetic abnormalities.

Imitation of orgasm may be unwittingly used to convince a partner that he is, in terms of genetics, high-quality male.In addition, so a pregnant woman can try to convince the partner that she is pregnant from him;and men is so important to know what a woman experiences an orgasm with him, just because he wants to support his paternity.This may explain the fact that the most important partner orgasm for men, who for some time did not see their girls or wives.Of course, it should be remembered that an orgasm is now found other cultural meanings, but it is useful to bear in mind his biological roots.

Fish also imitate orgasm

Fish also can imitate orgasm, and it is related to the quality of the partner genes.This was the conclusion of the study the behavior of trout.

trout fertilization occurs outside their bodies - male and female sperm and eggs thrown into the water.Female ready to pairing rips a hole in the sand, he crouches to it, opens his mouth and begins to tremble and squirm.To her male swims up and start pairing.Their tremor becomes stronger and about half of the male and female are released sperm and eggs.In the other half of the female makes movements which make females during egg release, but the emission occurs.This simulation can give female trout opportunity to save their eggs for the males with better genotype.However, most often they mimic the release of eggs, when males during mating were not quite in the right position - perhaps it is an indicator of insufficient quality genes.

possible for the female fish, as well as for women, orgasm imitation is a way to control fertilization - which of course they used irresponsibly.


As for conscientious reasons simulate orgasm, the most common cause of this is the desire to spare the feelings of the partner.Such women usually never talk to men about what they like in sex.Psychologists consider a strategy of behavior as a means to preserve relations and a way of avoiding difficult and unpleasant conversation with your partner.

Much less women imitate orgasm to avoid difficult conversations with themselves.They feel that they do not experience orgasm during intercourse, there is something wrong, and is a way of pretending to turn away from your own fears.

main reason due to which women imitate orgasm, scientists believe the discrepancy between expectations and reality.This is confirmed by the fact that fifty-five per cent of women imitate orgasm only during vaginal intercourse;only eight percent do so during oral sex, and four percent - with manual stimulation.Cultural stereotypes make women expect orgasm during intercourse without external stimulation, and when this does not happen, many have resorted to hypocrisy.

In general, we can conclude that a lot of couples in their sexual lives are inflexible attitudes and practices.In fact, sexuality Nine ways to feel their sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality - very rich and complex area that can not be reduced to achieve a certain outcome.

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