How can he call - overcome embarrassment

how to call him He had long you like, you worked so hard produced his number, but for the past week hypnotize phone, still can not daring to pick up and move to a meeting ... you is familiar ?!- Congratulations, you are not alone!We will solve this very problem in stages.

  • first get rid of the jitters.Soothe yourself and exhort you can for a long time, but not the fact that will achieve success."Smart in the mountain will not go - the clever mountain bypass!" - That we act through the body.- Get up, introduce yourself pioneer and marching on the spot, shock singing thunder: "Arise, great country, a great country!".The two accounts you will feel like a hero, a conqueror, namely that of spirit, and we need it.
  • second, where to start?No matter how trite it may seem to you, but still start with "Hello."But do not rattled him from the doorway carefully bred in Notepad and notched up a frenzy text - let him answer your greeting.If you answer seemed somewhat dry - do not panic, it's not necessarily have to be a reaction to your modest person, things can fare much easier, for example: it can be on a production meeting, where he, as you yourself know, is not convenient to talk orYou broke his fifth dream dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , but because he has not had time to fully appreciate what is happiness he halts in your face, of course.
  • Third, all life - the game.Ask a lightweight frame your conversations, remember that a man's nature, timid and afraid of commitment - do not have it from the very first phrases ogoroshivat his confidence in the fact that you are meant for each other, and finally half rejoin legally marriedto make his mark in the offspring and die later on the same day!Maybe it is certainly true, but do not hold back emotions ran so far ahead.The mood of the elect until just a pleasant pastime.
  • fourth, Dari emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code .You know perfectly well that almost every man is stingy with emotions, but they also need it to feed their own psyche.When talking to invest in its intonation interest, pleasure and even a small modicum of sex!If the first and second components of understanding, then I will focus on the last detail.Style your way to communicate key sets it to ideas about your future meeting.In this case, candid man advances will be perceived as a direct call, ie from the date, he will wait for a sexual adventure, and will be completely discouraged if you later "freeze" or actively react negatively to his harassment provoked thee well.Your sexuality Nine ways to feel their sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality must be hidden and act only on his subconscious, for example, pronounce his name as he whispered to his ear at the time of intercourse.On the one hand, his subconscious will catch prearranged signal, provoke interest, and on the other - and the slightest hint of it you will not leave to doubt your virtue!
  • fifth provoke contact.Do you really tune in and decided to give him a call, dialed the number, but the response was only typical dial tone or the subscriber "temporarily not available" - start scheming.For example, leave a message on the answering machine or send SMS.You can start like this: "Hi, it's me!I dreamed of you today, do you remember?Call me, I could not find you .... "Naturally, it is interested in sms, and he will answer, most important, and you do not be afraid - keep blow!Of course, it may happen that your choice will not be smart enough and adept at flirting Flirt ten amazing facts Flirting: Ten amazing facts , and his message is meticulously-banal: "Who are you?".Do not worry - all is not lost, the network spreads further, you should already be clear who will run the show.

most important thing in a phone conversation - his goal.With it, you have to decide before you pick up the phone.What do you want from the interlocutor?Just lots of fun and an invitation for a date?You have to act exactly according to his wishes.If at some point you realize that you do not get to achieve your goal - you need to interrupt the conversation, while he was still at the peak of interest that continue it again later when you proanaliziruesh your communication and understand where wrong, or not chosen the right strategybehavior.Also remember that you call her herself nor non-binding, and if you are in any certain point in the conversation you realize that disappointed in the person or his manner of communication seems obscene to you - interrupt the conversation, just say that you "need to hurry"and say good-bye.Do not forget that any communication should be fun!

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