Female ejaculation - the mysterious nature

female ejaculation Female ejaculation - is throwing a quantity of fluid from the vagina during orgasm.This phenomenon is still causing a lot of controversy.Female ejaculation - a rare phenomenon.In some women, it happens only once in life, and some do not feel it at all ever.The exact percentage of women who ejaculate is unknown.During the famous research of Masters and Johnson, which was attended by more than 400 women, there were no cases of female ejaculation.

What is female ejaculation?

Nevertheless, the experience of gynecologists and family planning experts say that there is a small percentage of women who regularly ejaculate during orgasm.

volume of liquid, which is characterized by the release of female ejaculation, may be different.When a small amount of ejaculate its texture similar to mucus;He has a white or yellowish color and smell, like the smell of vaginal discharge whole truth about vaginal secretions The whole truth about vaginal secretions .When a larger amount of liquid ejected, it is usually transparent, consistency is more like water and has no particular smell.

Psychological aspects of female ejaculation

Many women experiencing first ejaculation, discomfort and embarrassment.It happens that the reaction partner is also female ejaculation negative.This is due mainly to the cultural characteristics and insufficient knowledge of the subject.Scientists do not exclude that many women ejaculate during orgasm comes just once in a lifetime because of its accompanying psychological discomfort.In subsequent sexual encounters formed the psychological barriers will not allow her to relax enough to experience an equally strong orgasm.

Female ejaculation and urination

Until the 1980s, most physicians believed that the liquid that is ejected during female ejaculation,It is urine.As treatment, they offered to patients to do exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

Indeed, many women have a slight urination during intercourse and various physical activities.The so-called stress incontinence occurs during sneezing, coughing or laughing.This phenomenon is especially common among women who delivered at least one baby.

However, urinating during sex more often associated with a prelude, or the intensity of sex than orgasm.

In 1982, scientists Whipple, and Perry Ladas released book "G-spot and other discoveries in the field of human sexuality," which introduced a new view of the female orgasm Female Orgasm: A Guide for Women Female Orgasm: A Guide for Women .They suggested that during orgasm is not ejected urine and secret of cancer, which is the equivalent of the prostate in men.

still female ejaculate was not studied sufficiently - mainly due to the fact that the receiving material for analysis presents objective difficulties.Nevertheless, it was possible to identify an alkaline liquid, probably is not a urine, since it does not contain urea and creatinine - normal urine components.Further, this liquid is colorless and does not leave stains on the fabric, which is also unusual urine.Scientists say that this fluid contains a chemical similar to one of the substances produced by the male prostate - prostate specific antigen.It also contains glucose Glucose: The energy source Glucose: The energy source and fructose Fructose - benefits and harms natural product Fructose - benefits and harms of the natural product .Now experts are inclined to believe that it is - the secret Skene glands, which are located around the female urethra.

Female ejaculation and g-point

Many scientists believe that female ejaculation occurs during orgasm caused by stimulation of the g-point.In fact, the stimulation of the area, which is called the g-point, can affect and Skene glands.However, the relationship between the g-point and female ejaculation is not yet proven, largely because scientists still question the very existence of the g-point.