Where in the brain love nest: feeling like a chemical process

love has long been no secret that every human emotion meet their specific chemical reactions that activate one or more parts of the brain.And one of the strongest of emotions inherent in people, no doubt, is love.About love, its causes and foundations, forms and extinction, since ancient times to the present day was made countless philosophical ideas and doctrines, but it was a product of the human mind, I propose now to turn to the matter and, therefore, to deal withthe chemistry of the phenomenon as such.

hypothalamus and romance

American scientist, Dr. Helen Fisher of anthropology, using the technique of scanning the brain, love has been divided into three components of emotions: lust, passion and affection.

Lust or otherwise sex drive, as well as corresponding to its physical manifestation is controlled by the hypothalamus.Hypothalamus - the section of the brain, an average weight of about 4.5 grams.Once in the hypothalamus hormones, particularly testosterone, stimulate sexual activity.Taking into account the fact that men, unlike women, produced 10-20 times the amount of testosterone and the hypothalamus in size slightly larger, it becomes clear why male sex drive is much stronger than the woman.

Stage passionate desire is an attempt of the brain to communicate with a potential partner, and there is emotion Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code so powerful that they can cause incredible euphoria.At this stage, it released several powerful chemicals that cause a feeling of recovery.Dopamine gives a feeling of well-being, serotonin - a sense of emotional stability and inspires noradrenalil into believing in his own vsemoguschnost.

when real life will prevail finally over the craving, or each one of the partners or reject the other, or come third stage - attachment towhich the link-building a strong and long enough for the joint cultivation of children.

little about lust

significant physiological difference between men and women The intensity of the first stage - lust, oddly enough, disarm and leave the most vulnerable is a man.Repeatedly asserted that the love is akin to insanity - and there is a grain of truth.Men literally crammed with testosterone, which is actively pushing them in the first stage of love, depriving Ringworm - not only infectious disease Ringworm - not only infectious disease real landmarks.And the woman of emotion and logic centers in the brain are linked more closely, it has less testosterone, and therefore it is easier to assess the advantages and disadvantages of a partner.It is for this reason that initiated the breakup, tend to become a woman.

Woman's World is full of feelings and emotions and, if she feels protected, cherished and adored, is at the stage of affection, the woman knows that she probably loves.The man is not very clear idea what love is, and often confuses lust and craving love.His brain is blinded by testosterone Five myths about testosterone Five myths about testosterone , his constant erection Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man , and he is unable to think clearly.It often happens that it will be years after the affair began, while the man does not realize that he really loves, and realizes in retrospect, when it is sometimes too late.The woman immediately detects the presence of love or lack thereof.

Many men think that a declaration of love to his partner, they forever bind commitments.But if a man still crosses the Rubicon and say the magic word woman, then he wants to talk about this event to everyone.But not every man observes that the frequency of orgasm a woman increases after he said the long-awaited partner word with the letter "L".

during sexual contact perception of women to men depends on the depth of his inner feelings for her.This means that it is higher than estimates of its oomph (contrary to public opinion), if you like, and vice versa, in the absence of strong interest, can evaluate its attractiveness lower than perhaps it deserves.The woman appreciates a man, as a partner, especially for his personal qualities rather than physical attractiveness.

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