What women expect from men - stability, reliability, validity

What women expect from men It's no secret that men are different from women.Hardly for someone to news that men and women have different priorities in the relationship.What do women expect from men?Answers to this question just as much as there are in the nature of types of women: young, not so young, full, thin, talkative, silent, beautiful and not very much.

Meanwhile, with all the diversity of variables is one component of an ideal relationship remains constant, regardless of the participants.A distinctive feature of all the men that they build a relationship with circumspection and even caution.The women belong to this serious business more scrupulously.Choosing a life partner, they are not only the requirements of the extensive list of requirements, but also willing to work hard to turn a man into an ideal of his dreams.But despite the female talkativeness and the passion to clarify relationships, men are often difficult to understand what exactly it is necessary for women to be completely happy.

So what do women want?Just be happy!But they do not talk about it directly.If you learn to talk to a woman in her language, learn to keep quiet when you want to respond, to embrace, when you want to go, to tell the truth, even if it hurts, be a man, in which it can be assured, and love her as himself,you will no longer ask what women want.They will ask you about your desires and be happy to fulfill them.

Here are some things that women especially appreciate in men:

Appreciation surrounding

woman needs to knowthat her man is a genuine interest in other women.Especially women are attracted to men with a light veil of scandal and a bit dingy.Therefore, a man with a companion (especially nice) makes women much more interesting than a man who walks by himself.Paradoxically, but it is a fact: the simplest (and proven) way to seduce a woman - to make her jealous Jealousy and what to do with it Jealousy and what to do with it .Female rivalry - a great thing!


woman needs stability, order, confidence in the future.She needs a man who can be relied upon.If you say that you will return home to nine at night, be home at nine o'clock.Running late?Call and tell that linger.Men are often difficult to understand the difference between support and total control.Creating a solid foundation of relationship and stability does not mean that your relationship has disappeared unpredictable, and you are bound hand and foot.Love should be a crutch for you, and support.A strong bond in which reliability - a synonym for confidence.


Women want to feel protected by a man.They need to know that everything will be fine.This does not mean that a man must be very tall bodybuilder or have millions in the bank account.It is enough to be able to calm the woman take care of her needs and sometimes tell her what she wants to hear - that everything is bound to be good.


love a woman more than anything else.Demonstrate your love.Prove your love every day, every hour, every minute and every second of every minute of every hour of every day.Become love itself and in solving any problem, ask yourself: "What would have done the love?".Then fear will have no place in your life.


Women really are waiting for the manifestations of gratitude and compliments Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words .Just do not show it.Therefore, men often say women compliments, give them the opportunity to feel beautiful and desirable - but do not cultivate in women a sense of indispensability.Do not get carried away and do not run after a woman scaring her statement that "without you there is no life."It just looks pathetic and disgusting.


woman can forgive almost everything, but never forgive lies and deliberate deception.If one day it captures or conveys you to lie, it will never be able to trust you.Women perceive the lie as disrespectful.Tell a woman the truth, no matter how unpleasant it may be - and your relationship will get a second chance.


Hug her in the morning, hug before leaving for work, send affectionate emails throughout the day and embrace ten times, when you get home.A woman needs to feel loved and cherished.

sense of humor

Women do not like boring.More smile, joking, do not take life too seriously!Be a player!This attitude women value much higher than the unshakable seriousness - even if it is accompanied by the beauty and richness.

Women appreciate men motivated.Optionally have a lot of money and luxury car now, but certainly strive to do so.Women love men realized and self-sufficient.

So summarize: women dream about understanding, happiness, respect and integrity expected of men.Let us not forget that women also need a change, as change over time priorities and goals in life.Why men can not understand women?Because it is a masterpiece of nature, which every day becomes more and more perfect!