Afobazol - complex stimulating effect

afobazol you are constantly experiencing anxiety and stress?You are constantly plagued by some fears?Return the peace of mind and positive attitude, as well as significantly adjust overall health in general will help you to effectively time-tested and practical results of modern drugs.This drug is called "Afobazol."

drug has a complex stimulating effect and has some sedative (calming) effect on the body, removing a general feeling of anxiety.According to the manufacturer of the drug "Afobazol" in this and it is a direct contrast to conventional and herbal medicines commonly occurring tranquilizers, while to the fore the high efficacy of the drug.

Very often the use of traditional tranquilizers cause drowsiness and reduces the total concentration, ie having a so-called hypnotic effect.In preparation "Afobazol" of such properties are observed.Including the active and part of his application.On the other hand, is significantly reduced or even completely disappears anxiety, reduced accompanying the classic symptoms (irritability, anxiety wanton), leaves neuro-emotional tension, improves sleep.In addition to the favorable psychogenic action, in its application eliminates the symptoms directly related to the medical condition of the body: the functioning of the stomach is getting better, recovering normal activity of muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular and other systems.Almost completely disappears dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet , hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), eliminates the feeling of dryness in the mouth.Significantly improves the overall concentration of the patient's attention and memory, that is the main function of higher nervous activity, are responsible for the intellectual abilities of a person.

drug "Afobazol" does not cause drowsiness and addiction.The effect of its use occurs approximately 5 - 7 day of admission, and the maximum intensity of action is achieved on average a month after the start of treatment.Issued active drug in the form of tablets, that is convenient enough for use.Sale of the drug "Afobazol" in the pharmacy network is permitted without a doctor's prescription.

What is the "Afobazol" If you look at it through the prism of organic chemistry?Afobazol - this is nothing, as a derivative of the two-mercaptobenzimidazole.Such a "frightening" name suggests that the drug is, in fact, is a selective tranquilizer, that selectively affects certain receptors structure.The feature of the drug is that its powerful sedative effects combined with an additional activating effect, which generally does not cause the very hypnotic manifestations, which we have already mentioned.In other words, it does not inhibit the activity of afobazol muscular system and causes inherent to most other drugs a negative impact on the classic indicators of intellectual activity.

The most important positive development in the long reception afobazole is that regardless of the timing of ingestion do not develop addiction, which is characteristic as a side effect of his peers, and there is no withdrawal, that is, the sharp deterioration of the general condition of the body after discontinuation of treatment.

With these pharmacological properties, "Afobazol" effective in the treatment of conditions such as neurasthenic syndrome, cardiopsychoneurosis, sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams (psychogenic), as well as to improve the condition of patients during weaning from alcoholbeverages and tobacco.In addition, the drug has therapeutic benefits in the treatment of asthma, hypertension Hypertensive heart disease - the prognosis is poor Hypertensive heart disease - the prognosis is poor , coronary heart disease and even some neoplastic diseases.

It should be noted that the contraindication for use afobazole minimal.They include only common to most drugs allergic reactions to the drug, pregnancy and lactation Breastfeeding: Breast - and no nails! Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails! .

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