The strangest phobias - hits of human fears

The strangest phobias We are all subject to varying degrees of fear, but not all are subject to these fears (or phobias) so that they can lead a normal life.Especially for you we have compiled a list of the most bizarre phobias that occur are not as rare as you might think.

10. Agirofobiya (fear of crossing streets)

Agirofoby experiencing panic fear of roads, highways, trails and highways, so it is very difficult to live in the city, especially in the city.Name phobia comes from the Greek word «gyrus», which means "gyrus, the whirlpool."There are several varieties agirofobii: fear of highways and roads, the fear of narrow country roads, the fear of crossing the road in the wrong place, the fear of crossing the road in the right place (on a zebra or a traffic light), the fear of crossing the road alone, fear of crossing busy (desert) streets.Oddly enough, this phobia is not related to fear of cars.

9. Mageyrokofobiya (fear to cook)

name of this extremely strange phobia comes from the Greek «mageirokos» - a man who knows how to cook well, cooking.This mental disorder can paralyze a person's life, to destroy his personal relations and undermine health (mageyrokofob not able to prepare a normal healthy diet).People suffering from this phobia experience shyness, fear and even chefs, cooks and anyone who knows how to make an omelet.It is possible that this timidity is born from a sense of inferiority.

8. Pediofobiya (fear of puppets)

Pediofobiya - irrational fear of puppets.People suffering from this phobia, afraid not just scary dolls and dolls of all, without exception, from the PUPS to Barbie.In fact, pediofobiya - is the fear of any artificial imitation of living beings, so pediofoby also afraid of robots and mannequins, making it difficult to shopping, especially for women.Pediofobiyu not be confused with or pedofobiey pediafobiey - fear of children.

According to Freud, this disorder could arise on the basis of children's fears Children's fears where lives bogeyman? Children puppets come alive before, and robotics engineer Masahiro Mori is sure that the robot becomes more like a person, the greater the fear it inspires non-human nature.

7. Deipnofobiya (fear of Table Talk)

Each of us at least once found himself in an awkward situation in a foreign company, when you have to keep small talk with strangers or unfamiliar people.And nothing - survived.But there are people for whom the thought of such a situation terrifies.It deipnofoby.They experience the panic before the conversation at meals, so rarely go to visit and do not invite yourself.In earlier times, strict rules of table etiquette reliably protects us from the awkwardness or rudeness random interlocutors.Unfortunately, these rules are forgotten.In modern society, all the rules, rituals, and the so-called formality minimized, which makes us extremely vulnerable.

6. Eyzoptrofobiya (fear of mirrors)

Eyzoptrofobiya - irrational fear of mirrors.In particular, this panic to get through a mirror into another world, or swapped with its mirror twin.People suffering eyzoptrofobiey constantly tense and avoid mirror, although realize that their fears are groundless.Fear of mirrors often due to superstition (for example, many are afraid to break the mirror, because it supposedly brings bad luck).People exposed to this fear often afraid to stay in a room where there is a mirror, especially in the evening and at night because they are afraid to see in him someone other than yourself.

5. Demonofobiya (fear of demons)

Demonofobiya - irrational fear of evil demons, ghosts, vampires, monsters and other evil spirits, which does not leave a man, even in daylight.Sufferers demonofobiey often realize that their fears have no basis, but, nevertheless, any mention of demons of all kinds makes them panic.They are afraid to go alone in the forest, to stay alone at home, or sleep without light.Such people can not even look at without a shudder of horror advertising poster, and about how to see it, there is no question.

4. Penterafobiya (fear of her mother in law / mother-in)

phobias from all countries gathered in this list, this is definitely the most common.Fear of the mother of his second half feels most people who are married.In the West, this phobia is so common that it is often ridiculed in all sorts of comedies and dramas (eg, "If the mother-in-law - survival strategy In-law - a survival strategy - Monster").By the way, this is one of the few phobias from which to recover.The most effective and commonly used treatment penterafobii - divorce.Another "family" phobia - noverkafobiya, fear stepmother.Needless to say that was the most famous noverkafobom Cinderella?

3. Arakibutirofobiya (fear that peanut butter sticks to the sky)

It's very, very rare phobia certainly deserves inclusion in this list.At first glance it may seem that arakibutirofobiya invented some wit, but it is not.Unlike other phobias, get rid of arakitubirofobii very simple - you need not eat peanut butter.But if you imagine that you are six years old, and parents on a daily basis you are stuffed with peanut butter sandwiches, one can understand how it is enforced in the future could lead to serious psychological trauma, and even cause panic attacks, when a person sees or feels peanut butter smell it.

2. Katisofobiya (fear of sitting)

Katisofobiya - is the fear of sitting, which can result from the disease hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease in particularly severe.Sometimes katisofobiya develops as a result of violence, during which a person was forced to remain in a sitting position, or injury after a man accidentally sat on the sharp or hot objects.In some cases, katisofobiya is a consequence of other phobias - such as fear of public speaking.Manifestations katisofobii: sweating, shortness of breath and loss of spatial orientation.

1. Automatonofobiya (fear of the human dummy)

Automatonofobiya - the fear of inanimate objects (wax dolls and other human dummy), representing an intelligent being.The idea of ​​creating an artificial human inspires fear, if not, then wary.So people suffering from this phobia, it is not necessary to seek medical help - they are perfectly normal, and their panic - it is a natural reaction to this outrage.