Afobazol - help with anxiety

Afobazol life of modern man is often accompanied by disturbances of mood and anxiety disorders, stress-related, and a huge amount of information.Many drugs that can help in this case, have a number of undesirable side effects, as well as a backfire as addictive.Anxiolytics and tranquilizers - anti-anxiety medications is that used mainly in the neuroses, states of mental stress and fear.Most of the drugs in this series except antianxiety action also causes muscle relaxation and has a hypnotic effect (drowsiness).

unpleasant consequences of uncontrolled use of these drugs - addictive, when a person can not be without them, and begins to take the time, and at the termination of the reception, a number of unpleasant events in the form of palpitations, tremors, mood changes, and so on.This is called withdrawal syndrome.

Afobazol - anxiolytic without side effects

fundamentally new approach to development was the creation of anxiolytic drug afobazol developed in the Institute of Pharmacology RAMS.It is devoid of side effects typical of tranquilizers such as benzodiazepines (sibazon, Phenazepamum et al.).So, it does not cause drowsiness, muscle relaxation, has no negative effect on memory and attention.

results of independent comparative clinical studies afobazole as an anxiolytic in patients with both severe neurotic disorders, and relatively light able to show that the drug is effective, relieves anxiety with activating component and effective action is not inferior sibazon (Relaniumu).However afobazol is well tolerated, the absence of addiction and withdrawal symptoms when you stop receiving.

The drug combines anti-anxiety and easy-stimulating effects.There is a reduction or elimination of anxiety (concern foreboding, fear, irritability), intensity (fearfulness, tearfulness, anxiety, inability to relax, insomnia, fear), and, consequently, the improvement of the internal organs, vegetative (autonomic nervous system innervates internalorgans) disorders such as dry mouth, sweating, dizziness Dizziness - if the ground was slipping from under his feet Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet .There is also improved memory and concentration.The maximum effect is achieved by the end of the fourth week of treatment and stored for an average of 1-2 weeks.

This shows the use of afobazole

Afobazol used in adults with anxiety, neurasthenia, adjustment disorders (states standing on the brink of a normal human reaction to unhappiness and mental illness).

Especially shows the use of the drug in patients with such personality traits as alarming suspiciousness mistrust - whether to put everything into question? Mistrust - whether to put everything into question? , insecurity, increased vulnerability, emotional instability.

Afobazol can be used in the treatment of diseases of the internal organs, which is very important condition of the nervous system.This vegetative-vascular dystonia (particularly vegetative-vascular crises with palpitations and drops in blood pressure), hypertension and coronary heart disease, peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, and others.

Contraindications and side effects afobazole

afobazole Contraindications are pregnancy, lactation, age 18 years (clinical studies in children have not been conducted) and idiosyncrasy of the drug.By

side effects when taking afobazole include possible allergic reactions Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat .

Peredoziovka afobazole is rare (the drug is non-toxic).If a large overdose and intoxication may develop sedative (calming) effect and increased sleepiness without manifestations of muscle relaxation.For emergency use caffeine (it is possible, for example, a cup of coffee).

interaction with other drugs

Afobazol does not increase the effects of alcohol, but may increase the effects of certain anticonvulsants (carbamazepine), and anxiolytic effects of diazepam (sibazona, Relanium).

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Afobazol sufficiently effective anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), a drug that has almost no contraindications for the reception and is not addictive.

Galina Romanenko