Sleepwalking - dangerous to walk in a dream?

Somnambulism At all times the sleepwalking was shrouded in mystery, he was surrounded by plenty of myths and legends.And in our time, all the mysteries of sleepwalking is not completely solved.Despite significant scientific and technological progress and in particular the progress of medical science, all that is beyond the threshold of consciousness, are still not fully understood.

Sleep and its components

Dream - is the functional state of the brain and body of man, which is characterized by inhibition of active interaction with the environment and conscious of partial cessation of mental activity.

Sleep is divided into two phases: slow fast.The slow phase in turn is divided into slumber, the average sleep and deep sleep and occupies about 80% of total sleep.REM sleep is also called sleep with rapid eye movements - it occupies 20% of the night's sleep.

Night sleep a person consists of 3-5 cycles lasting for 1.5-2 hours.Each cycle consists of individual stages of rapid and slow wave sleep.Deep REM sleep is characterized for the first two cycles of night sleep, fast - for the latest cycle (early morning), it is during REM sleep we see the dream.


somnambulism or sleepwalking Sleepwalking is also called sleepwalking.This is a sleep disorder characterized by the usual automatic movements during sleep that after waking up completely forgotten.Human behavior in this complex and seemingly purposeful (often corresponding dreams), but unconscious.

reason somnambulism - a violation of the slow phase of sleep, and the inhibition of the central nervous system during sleep does not apply to areas of the brain that determine the motor function.It starts usually in 1.5-2 hours after falling asleep.Sleepwalking occurs in various disorders of the central nervous system.

neurotic and paroxysmal

Sleepwalking Sleepwalking can be divided into two large groups associated with neurotic changes (in neurasthenia, hysteria) and paroxysmal that occur during the initial stage of epilepsy.

somnambulism peculiar neurotic children, when the nervous system is not yet matured and because of that can happen, this sleep disorder Violation of sleep - severe consequences of the usual disorders Violation of sleep - severe consequences of the usual disorders .This somnambulism different episodic nature and the wave of emotions of the day.Actions under him may be related to the content of dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , with the possible partial contact with the child.

In epilepsy somnambulism is regular and the same type of character, often accompanied by involuntary urination, contact with a patient at the same time is impossible.

Signs somnambulism

When somnambulism sleeping person gets out of bed and moved not for any purposes or in accordance with a dream, the memory of that morning vaguely preserved or totally absent.The patient is talking in his sleep, he sits up in bed, gets up and makes a number of stereotypes, but apparently purposeful movements with his eyes open.At this point, a man celebrated frozen look and constricted pupils.After some time, the patient returns to bed and goes to sleep.In the morning he does not remember anything.This sleep disorder can last from several minutes to an hour.Sometimes the actions of these patients can wear anti-social or even criminal nature.


neurotic somnambulism necessarily need to be distinguished from paroxysmal.To help in this can electroencephalography (EEG), which can be seen early manifestations of epilepsy (seizures).


somnambulism somnambulism Treatment should consist of identifying and treating the underlying disease that caused somnambulism.It can be various neurotic disorders, which often occur in childhood and adolescence.In this case, treatment should be aimed at restoring normal sleep and central nervous system.In some cases, to stop the attacks is enough light sedative and hypnotic drugs of plant origin.

in paroxysmal somnambulism conduct a thorough examination in order to ascertain the cause of the seizures.In addition to the innate predisposition to epilepsy Epilepsy - a sacred disease Epilepsy - a sacred disease attacks can be caused by a brain tumor Brain tumor - surgery is inevitable Brain tumor - surgery inevitable or be a consequence of the trauma of the brain.Treatment in these cases is carried out strictly individually.

Prevention somnambulism

prevention of sleep disorders is to prevent diseases that can cause them.For example, children should alternate waking and active lifestyle with rest and sleep.We can not allow over-the kids, especially with sensitive, easily excitable nervous system.

Follow the features of sleep their children - you just be able to notice signs of somnambulism and on time to ask for help.

Galina Romanenko