Psychoprophylaxis - how to avoid stress

Psychoprophylaxis Psychoprophylaxis - is any method used to prevent the development of various psychological states.Now the term is most often used to describe the methods used to facilitate childbirth.The most famous of them - the Lamaze technique.

Psychoprophylaxis for expectant mothers ...

In this method, women are taught to respond positively to the pain accompanying childbirth.Expectant mothers learn to relax during labor using their partner, who also helps with childbirth.

roots of this method psychoprophylaxis go to the teachings of Ivan Pavlov, and named it after the French doctor who developed a specific technique of childbirth without pain.

During childbirth women are advised not to focus on relaxation, and breathing.The first phase of psychological prophylaxis - is getting women to their fears and doubts concerning the birth, then they are taught to perceive as an incentive birth pangs, not pain, and react accordingly.

As the expectant mother and her partner, perform breathing exercises that help reduce stress during childbirth.Many women prefer this kind of psychological prophylaxis, as this eliminates the need to use painkillers and you can completely control the process of childbirth.Recently psychoprophylaxis pays more attention not breathing and physical sensations woman and her inner spirit.Women get rid of stereotypical attitudes about childbirth, such as that in this case it ceases to control your body.

Do not think that the birth using this method are harmless.Rather, when correctly applied to the changing ratio of pain, and consequently, its effect on the woman in labor.Unfortunately, many women do not understand the method of psychological prophylaxis and in pain, begin to be afraid that something goes wrong.

... and their partners

Psychoprophylaxis can save men from the fear of childbirth.It is very important because today men are increasingly present at the birth.Many of them go at it calmly, but some upcoming scares and that they have especially high probability of severe psychological disturbances associated with childbirth.Some of them are afraid of the process, someone - a change that may occur in their relationship with a partner after childbirth.In some centers for such future popes organize special groups and engage with them separately;in parallel, they are preparing to leave together with their partners.

Sleep deprivation

Another interesting method psychoprophylaxis - sleep deprivation.It is used for the treatment of clinical depression, bipolar depression and manic-depressive psychosis.

In the seventies of the last century it was first noticed that the acute sleep deprivation, especially deprivation of REM sleep (in this phase people are dreaming), it has a positive effect on people suffering from depression.Now scientists know that the person who is deeply depressed Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood , will feel better, if for one or two nights it will be deprived of sleep;Often, after such deprivation people refuse to thoughts of suicide.Such an effect of sleep deprivation due to the fact that after a couple of sleepless nights, a person begins to respond better to positive incentives.When clinical depression, this ability significantly weakened.

has recently been proposed to use sleep deprivation Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams as part of psychological help Psychological help: to understand their own rubble ... Psychological help: to understand their own rubble ... , provided survivors of traumatic situations - for example, those in the survivorsin car accidents, but lost their loved ones.It is believed that sleep deprivation allows such people to quickly get out of the tragedy associated with the depressed state.

sleep deprivation as psychoprophylaxis should be used with caution and only under medical supervision.If you abuse this method of sleep deprivation can be dangerous for both mental and physical health of the patient.