Psychiatric emergency - when it is really necessary?

  • psychiatric emergency - when it is really necessary?
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Psychiatric emergency People whose loved ones suffer from mental disorders, often wonder what they can do on their own when a patient comes aggravation.This is a very serious issue that causes both confusion and concern.For example, it is very difficult to decide whether to hospitalize a person against his will, and what the consequences might be in hospital.

When you need emergency psychiatric care

Firstly, it is important to understand that now a man on involuntary treatment is not as easy as it was decades ago.Now experts are focused on the fact that the hospitalization of the mentally ill, if necessary, was as short as possible - it usually lasts a couple of weeks, in some cases - for several months, but rarely - more.Currently, more attention is paid to the rights of persons with mental illness.

On the other hand, there are cases where the person should be hospitalized, even if he is actively resisting this.There are two circumstances in which a person needs an urgent psychiatric care, implying hospitalization:

  • If the patient is a danger to yourself, you need to call a doctor, who will put him in hospital for further evaluation of his condition.Although the auto-aggressive behavior does not always speak about the real intention to commit suicide Suicide in terms of psychiatrist - can it be prevented? Suicide in terms of the psychiatrist - can it be prevented? , during demonstrations of such behavior is necessary, at least, a thorough examination of the patient.The real threat of suicide is characterized by a specific plan of depriving himself of life - including the acquisition of poisons, weapons, and so on.If you have a suspicion that other people (close to you, or not) was going to commit suicide, it is strongly recommended to inform his family and / or consult with your doctor on the phone.
  • If a person is a danger to others, and need emergency psychiatric care.However, if the person previously considered mentally normal, threatening to others, for example, using weapons, you can first call the police.The reasons for this insanity can be both alcohol and drug abuse, and diseases that affect the brain, such as stroke Stroke - severe brain damage Stroke - a serious brain injury , Alzheimer's disease, brain tumor Brain tumor - surgery is inevitable Brain tumor - surgery inevitable and other physical or mental illness.Stopping medications mentally ill person may exacerbate the disease.Drug abuse could have a destabilizing effect on persons with mental illness and mental health of people.

in the waiting room

when patients are taken to the emergency room psychiatrist determines whether there is a need for hospitalization or the patient's conditionIt can be stabilized without it.Sometimes the test takes up to 72 hours before the experts take a final decision on further treatment.

Medical staff always takes special care when dealing with patients who needed urgent psychiatric help.Their task - to protect both the patient and his family, and the general public.Therefore, the decision to return the patient's home, as well as of his hospitalization, should be carefully considered, and sometimes requires a lot of time.

Many people with mental illness into remission may feel good and to adequately assess their condition.Such patients can self-define the approach of acute illness.

If you have loved ones who you trust, tell them what symptoms indicate a deterioration of your situation and ask if they appear to call the doctor.Do not be ashamed of it.If you and your family will be prepared for emergencies, and emergency care will assist in a timely manner, you will soon be able to maintain an acceptable quality of life, in spite of mental illness Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? .

If you feel that a crisis is approaching, do not wait to get worse.As long as you control your actions, call your doctor.When you describe your symptoms to him, he will be able to decide what kind of help you require.

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