Banana diet - delicious, useful and effective

banana diet Banana Diet - a very popular and inexpensive way to lose weight.Several years ago, a description of the diet appeared on the Internet, and since then around the world a lot of people successfully lose weight because of it.


During the diet should avoid sugar, alcohol, and various carbonated sweetened drinks.

diet menu:

  • Breakfast: a banana and a glass of water.You may want to supplement the low-fat protein foods - such as cheese or cheese.
  • Lunch: one banana and a glass of water, vegetable salad with a piece of lean meat or sea fish.
  • Dinner: a banana and a glass of water.After half an hour you can eat any protein low-calorie dish.

believed that bananas help to control your appetite, so that a person is limited to the consumption of bananas, or eat other foods in very moderate amounts.

Expert opinion

Many experts agree that the banana diet can be quite effective, but unsafe.For example, it is dangerous for the health of teeth, so as sugars contained in bananas, stick to teeth and gums stronger than that found in other fruits.Partly they can remain on the surface of the gums and enamel even after brushing.If the bananas you eat something else, it is to some extent helps to clean teeth from sugar sticky when you are limited to only a banana, over time it can seriously affect the condition of the teeth.

In addition, the body is difficult to process bananas, especially if you eat them on an empty stomach.For this reason, during the diet can appear symptoms such as abdominal cramps, constipation, and some other features of the violation of the digestive tract.

Banana - one of the sweetest fruits, bananas and abuse increases the risk of Type II diabetes.Of course, a few days of the diet is unlikely to happen, but those in whose family history has diabetes, as well as those who have already been identified insulin resistance, should treat with caution the banana diet.

Finally, the long banana diet threaten deficiency of essential nutrients.Due to the small content of protein diet can lead to a decrease in muscle mass.For this reason, adhere to the banana diet for longer than three to five days, is strongly discouraged.

How useful bananas

Do bananas have two undeniable advantages: they are rich in fiber and potassium.Fiber helps rid the intestines of toxins - it is literally "brings to itself" from the gut all the "garbage".In addition, it enhances intestinal motility and, therefore, prevents constipation, which is very important for low-calorie diets, because if the food arrives a little, then constipation is almost inevitable.On the positive properties of bananas include the fact that in connection with the gentle cleansing of the bowel normalize metabolic processes, that is good affects the appearance, especially on the skin, which is important for women.He goes into the first intestinal contents, this has its advantages: normal metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting , and if not immediately go back on fatty and sugary foods in large quantities, the resulting weight is dietpersist.

potassium - a mineral that is needed muscles.Without it, a person worried about sluggishness and fatigue.Especially needed potassium heart muscle - the myocardium.Potassium promotes the excretion of fluid, that is, reduced edema, including hidden.With a lack of potassium heart muscle loses its strength and motility, there may be pain in the heart pain in the heart - always consult a physician Pain in the heart - always consult a doctor and heart rhythm abnormalities.That is why bananas are useful for all cardiovascular diseases.

Bananas also contain phosphorus (element of thought), magnesium (the "heart" mineral - it regulates heart rhythm), calcium (needed to strengthen the fabric of bones and teeth), vitamins - A and E (promotes skin rejuvenation), group B(give the body extra energy), C (strengthens the walls of blood vessels and the immune system).

Despite the fact that bananas are enough calories to get rid of a few kilograms on a banana diet can be.One medium-sized peeled banana weighs about 130 grams, 100 grams of banana contain 90 calories, so in one of the average banana approximately 117. Thus bananas enough nourishing food, as it contains a lot of natural sugars (sucrose, fructose Fructose - use anddamage to the natural product Fructose - benefits and harms of the natural product , glucose), so do not have to starve.

three-day banana diet

three-day banana diet rather extreme, but its authors promise that in three days you can lose three kilograms of weight.It is evident that the weight loss will be due to bowel cleansing and getting rid of hidden edema.But it's not as bad as it seems.As a result of such a diet will accelerate metabolism and if it does not start up after the winds, and adhere to the principles of a balanced diet, the result will be good.

On this diet for three days every day should eat no more than three bananas and drink three glasses of low-fat milk or yogurt.The daily ration is best divided into 6 meals, you get half of the banana combined with half a glass of milk, of which the blender can make a cocktail.

seven-day banana diet

seven-day banana diet begins with preparatory days, during which time excluded from the diet of sweet, fatty, fried, spicy and salty foods.After preparation of the day for a week to eat bananas only one (in any amounts) and drink plenty of fluids as still mineral water, green tea without sugar or simply drinking water.

This diet is more dangerous than a three-day, as during the week the body is not receiving the animal protein.This may adversely affect the state of the immune system and the appearance.But you can lose weight, as you know, one banana Bananas: benefit and harm to health Bananas: the benefits and harms health - it is 117 calories, so you can eat them even 10, and it will only be 1170 kcal, while as an adult women's health, not occupiedphysical labor is required at least 1700 kcal.Reset may be up to 7 kg and it will have not only the loss of fluid and toxins, but also fat.

After banana diet

great importance to further nutrition after any short-term diets, including after the banana.If such diets are transferred with great difficulty, it is better for them not to resort, as after the "heroic deed" evolving appetite and everything dumped kgs back, and sometimes with the addition.If the banana diet is to your taste, it means that it is your diet and it can be repeated periodically.Three-day diet can be repeated once a month, seven-day - every two - three months.

After the diet is over, you need to go to a normal balanced diet.You should not eat fatty meats, fried foods, sweets, pastry, sugary sodas.Instead, try to eat more vegetables and fruits, both fresh and in heat-treated form.

Eat right, and so that food gives you pleasure, then the fasting days in the form of extreme dieting will go in your favor.

Galina Romanenko