Vegetable diet - lots of good little harm

Vegetable Diet Everyone knows that vegetables are not only delicious in any form, both fresh and preserved, but also extremely useful.The vegetables contain a rich collection of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber that promotes normalization of digestion.That is why the huge popularity of vegetable diet - diet, prescriptive eating only vegetables.

Vegetables slimming

Most of the useful properties of vegetables is due to a high content of fiber.Fiber - is the collective name of a group of complex carbohydrates, which the body is not able to digest.Leaving the body virtually unchanged, such carbohydrates perform several useful functions: fiber and simultaneously normalizes digestion and cleanses the intestines, and even acts as a mild, natural laxative.But the main advantage of fiber to fight against excess weight is not in its laxative properties: fiber, contained in abundance in vegetables, makes it easier to suppress hunger and keep you feeling full for a longer period.That is why, even observing strict vegetable diet to quickly get rid of extra kilograms, permanent, painful feeling of hunger in most cases can not be afraid - due to the significant content of fiber vegetables in any case, better fed than any tasty, but extremely harmful food.

Diet diuretic vegetables for fast weight loss

In order to achieve optimal results - that is, not only to get rid of extra kilos, but also "fix" successes stabilized weight - you must follow the rules of the diet forlong period of time.If you get rid of two or three extra kilos you need very fast, fit special vegetable diet - a diet to diuretics vegetables.For effective weight loss in the long term such a diet is not necessary, but to prepare for the release of a spectacular, when two or three kilos need to "burn" a couple of days, very helpful.The secret of the effectiveness of such vegetable diet is very simple - the rejection of any food and drinking for one or two days only a certain amount of vegetables with diuretic properties helps rid the body of stagnant liquid which provides the woman one or two extra kilos on the scales.In this short vegetable diet has another advantage - the elimination of stagnant fluid helps fight swelling of the face and limbs (swollen eyelids can say goodbye to long time!).The main ingredients of vegetable diet for quick weight loss - cucumbers, known to everyone diuretic and cabbage (accelerates the process of burning fat), asparagus, beets, which stimulates the kidneys, thus speeding up the process of removing excess fluid from the body with toxins.Sitting on a diet, it is important to remember that the duration of it must be a minimum - two at most - three days.Chronic use of any diuretic, they are natural or synthetic, can lead to undesirable consequences for health.

Ingredients vegetable diet

vegetable diet can be a mono-diet (ie diet, implying the use of one or two varieties of vegetables - such diets, for example, include cabbage, cucumber, carrot diet) or polidietoy.Each of these two types of diets have their advantages: extremely short duration monodiet only takes two or three days, but due to its severity can quickly cleanse the body and get rid of two or three extra kilos.Polidieta much more time-consuming and can achieve consistent results in the long term, helping not only to stabilize weight and improve their health (vegans who hold only a strict vegetable diet, known for their health and longevity).If the vegetable diet is designed for the long term, the best of its components - a red pepper (source of vitamin C and antioxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious use Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits , appetite suppressant), spinach, broccoli, carrots, kale, cauliflower, cucumbers, asparagus and zucchini.