Prostate massage finger most affordable way

Prostate massage finger Prostate massage finger - this is the best embodiment of the massage.Massage apparatus such delicate organ as the prostate gland is highly undesirable, as it may hurt.Independently carry out prostate massage, you should not: you have to trust a specialist.

Why spend prostate massage finger

for massage finger has its indications and contraindications.It shows first of all, chronic prostatitis and related sexual disorders.In chronic prostatitis prostate massage is a reflex expansion of blood vessels and blood flow to the prostate due to mechanical irritation of the prostate and there are receptors.

rush of blood brings nutrients and oxygen - it significantly increases the speed of biochemical processes that make metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting and helps to reduce inflammation.

In addition, prostate massage fingers improves venous and lymphatic flow and outflow of prostatic secretion of dilated ducts of the prostate - it relieves swelling and pain.

Another positive effect of prostate massage is that it contributes to a better absorption of drugs as dilated blood vessels seamlessly deliver them to the tissueprostate.In cases where the patient has a resistance to antibiotics, prostate massage helps to strengthen infectious agents and to return them to their sensitivity to antibiotics.

For these reasons, prostate massage finger is considered one of the main methods of treatment of chronic prostatitis Chronic prostatitis - every man should know his signs Chronic prostatitis - every man should know his signs .But in some cases it can not be carried out even in this condition, for example, if the patient except for chronic prostatitis have prostate cancer - massage can promote tumor growth.

For this reason, urologists usually do not appoint a finger prostate massage and prostate adenoma (a benign tumor of the prostate), but in some cases a light massage can improve the patient with BPH (improving outflow of fluid removed edema), without triggering the expansion of bloodvessels, there is a danger of growth of adenoma.But for massage prostate adenoma need a special experience.

impossible to carry out prostate massage finger with acute inflammation of the prostate gland - it can cause the spread of infection through the blood vessels throughout the body.

Terms of prostate massage finger

finger prostate massage technique is simple, however, it requires certain skills that are not available on the Internet.Therefore, prostate massage Prostate massage - a shameful procedure? Prostate massage - a shameful procedure? finger may hold or urologist, or a specially trained nurse such a massage under the supervision of a physician.Otherwise, you can not only improve, but also significantly worsen the disease.

Another condition of the prostate massage finger is a preliminary examination of the patient.It is necessary to find out what was the cause of chronic prostatitis Prostatitis: how to deal with the pain Prostatitis: how to deal with pain and exclude contraindications to perform prostate massage finger.

massages the prostate can be as a urologist in an office or in the house - no special facilities for it is not required.

technique of prostate massage finger

for massage fingers need to put the patient so that there was a maximum relaxation of the muscles of the perineum - is one of the conditions for successful massage.There is an optimum pose (installation) of the patient, which promote muscle relaxation.This position on the right side, and the knee-elbow position.

Once the patient is correctly positioned, calm down and relax (for some men, this procedure is heavy, so they prescribe specific medications, anti-anxiety and promotes relaxation of muscles), the doctor inserts a finger of his right hand (gloved and lubricated with petroleum jelly)anus (rectum) the patient about 5 cm (length can vary, it depends on the individual characteristics of the patient).

first before each massage doctor poschupyvaet prostate, defining its boundaries and consistency.Thereafter, the light stroking massage of the right lobe of the prostate in a direction from top to bottom and from the periphery to the center - that is tested prostatic ducts.In the first two massage doctor makes only mild strokes cancer finger if it does not cause discomfort, then the third session added a slight pressure gland.

During prostate massage (of course, if it is properly carried out) should not be a pain and other unpleasant sensations - only in this case, you can get the desired result.Held usually 10 - 12 treatments prostate massage at intervals through the day.

Prostate massage finger - a very effective procedure, but only if it holds a specialist.

Galina Romanenko