Mittelschmerz - as evidenced by abdominal pain

Mittelschmerz Some women in the middle of the menstrual cycle, pain bottom of the right or left side of the stomach and small spotting.After the examination, diagnosis is often installed "mittelschmerz."What does that mean, and how dangerous mittelschmerz?

monthly menstrual cycle of women

monthly menstrual cycle of women due to the influence of hormones that are released under the influence of the nervous and endocrine systems.It begins with the brain, where the main bodies that "team" all other endocrine system in the body.The area of ​​the brain - the hypothalamus affects the endocrine glands pituitary and pituitary - ovaries - female sex organs that produce hormones.The aim of all these impacts - allow the egg to mature and get out of the ovary (where it matures in the follicle) for fertilization, as well as to prepare the uterus to receive a fertilized egg.

In the first 14-16 days of ripening follicle grows and produces the female sex hormone estrogen Estrogen - the key to healthy bones Estrogen - the key to bone health .This process is regulated in the brain hormones (pituitary gonadotropic hormones) and ovaries.

14-16 day follicle ruptures and the egg is released into the fallopian tube to connect it with the sperm.Under the influence of the pituitary luteinizing hormone ruptured follicle becomes yellow (yellow body) and starts to produce female hormones - progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology and estrogen, which, falling into the blood, the body prepares for a possible pregnancy.If the implementation does not occur (ie, pregnancy does not occur), then the prepared lining of the uterus is torn away and menstruation occurs.

Ovulation Ovulation may be accompanied by short-term pain in the abdomen in the middle of the menstrual cycle.At the same time the woman may receive an increased libido and mucus, due to the high content of female sex hormones (estrogens).

Ovulation is the most favorable time for conception, this point can be accurately determined using a variety of techniques.

ovulation disorders caused by inflammation of the female genital organs, dysfunction of the adrenal cortex and thyroid tumors, and so on.

What mittelschmerz

Some women at the time of ovulation, there is significant abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms and spotting.The pain may be brief or longer, aching, drawing, stitching in the lower abdomen (but sometimes in other parts of it, for example, at the top), with the side where ovulation has occurred.If such pain occurs on the right, they can be confused with appendicitis pain.

Pain associated with the rupture of the follicle and promotes egg, which has a considerable size, of fallopian tubes.If the pipe has inflammation or consequences in the form of tubes adhesions to the surrounding tissues, the egg is moving with difficulty, which causes pain.

spotting that lasts 1-2 days after ovulation due to the fact that at the time of ovulation in the blood decreases the amount of the female hormone (follicle ruptures, and the corpus luteum has not yet formed) pogesterona that causes partial detachment of the lining of the uterus.But as soon as the corpus luteum begins to function, hormonal balance is restored and all is normalized.

itself mittelschmerz is not terrible, it does not require treatment.

But in order to figure out the reason for his appearance (it's - version of the rules, the result of inflammation or hormonal deficiency) and to rule out other causes of pain and bleeding, you should contact the gynecologist, because the same symptoms may be,for example, ectopic pregnancy and ovarian apoplexy - conditions that require emergency surgery.

Diagnostics ovulatory syndrome

confirm the presence of ovulatory syndrome can only gynecologist after a thorough examination of women by eliminating other similar diseases and to confirm that pain and bleeding coincide with the moment of ovulation.

time of ovulation can be confirmed by means of ultrasound, which is seen as a growing, maturing and bursting follicle.It is possible to conduct laboratory examination of blood on hormones.Finally, for determining the time of ovulation is measured the temperature in the rectum, an ovulation said slight decrease in temperature on the day of ovulation and its ascent to the next day (approximately 0,3º).

Treatment of ovulatory syndrome

ovulatory Syndrome Treatment is carried out if it is a consequence of inflammation or hormonal disorders in women.After the elimination of these causes mittelschmerz runs itself.

If mittelschmerz is a variant of the norm, it does not require special treatment.By appointment gynecologist and after the test so women can use hormonal kontratsiptivami that prevent ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? .There will be no ovulation, and will not pain.

Galina Romanenko