The 15th week of pregnancy: it is necessary to gain strength

15 Weeks Pregnant at 15 weeks pregnant you are looking.With the growth of fetal organs shift, giving way to increasing the uterus.You may need to eat smaller portions, but more often, so as not to suffer from hunger.Due to the compression of the digestive organs may be heartburn, indigestion and flatulence.You may have to go to the toilet more often.It may also occur fluid retention.Perhaps we should start already wear special clothing for pregnant women.

About expectant mother

uterus is halfway between the pubic bone and the navel.You can feel the Braxton Hicks contractions.It is almost painless and infrequent contractions that are a kind of dress rehearsal for the real birth.However, if you feel that fights occur more frequently than five per hour, despite the fact that you are alone, or you experience severe pain, call your doctor.

In the next five weeks, you will be offered to be tested to measure the four indicators in the blood - alpha-fetoprotein, human chorionic gonadotropin, inhibin A and estrogen Estrogen - the key to healthy bones Estrogen - the key to bone health , produced by the placenta.This comprehensive survey helps to identify Down syndrome.If you are over 35 years of age or suspicious test results, you can recommend amniocentesis - taking a sample of amniotic fluid with a special needle.

You can appear for such typical pregnancy symptoms like forgetfulness, absent-mindedness and clumsiness.The latter can be attributed to various reasons:

  • displacement of the center of gravity.The volume of the body increases, its proportions are changed, resulting in displacement of the center of gravity.For years, you calmly walked the usual way, but now the body has to maintain a balance in the changed situation.It is not surprising that you stumble!To avoid falls, choose flat shoes and discard high heels.
  • fluid retention.Another possible reason - water retention in the body.It is much harder to keep things swollen fingers.
  • weakened joints.To make room for the growing fetus, the skin, muscles and joints stretch and relax.Special pregnancy hormone relaxin causes these changes.Just as with the changed center of gravity - just note that your muscles are weaker than they were before pregnancy.
  • fatigue.During pregnancy, the body undergoes a lot of pressure, so you will get tired.You may need just an extra hour of sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .

However, if you feel that you have become too clumsy, consult a doctor.Perhaps there are some additional reasons.

Finally, this week, you can feel the happiest symptom of pregnancy - the baby begins to move!You may feel a fluttering in the uterus.

the child

fruit reaches more than 10 cm in length and weighs about 50 grams (it is the size of a small apple).At week 15, the baby can bend and straighten the leg.And he was big enough for you to feel the movement.He may have even suck his thumb.His bones continue to grow and become firmer.The skin is still very thin and transparent, shine through her veins.Starts to grow thin down, which will continue to increase up to 28 weeks and disappear to leave.A color already formed hair and eyebrows.

Tip of the Week

Get used to sleep on the left side - it promotes blood circulation.If you sleep on your back or stomach after the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy, it can lead to excessive pressure on the uterus and insufficient blood supply to the fetus.Try to lay a pillow under his back and between his legs.Some manufacturers produce special pillows for the whole body, designed for pregnant women.

What happens in a woman's body at the 15th week of pregnancy

At this time, the placenta has matured and is actively developing a functional system mother - placenta - fetus.It is a community of two organisms in which the systems of mother and fetus are embedded into each other and interact with each other and ensuring the development of pregnancy.This occurs as the impact of the mother's body to the fetus, and the fetus in the mother's body.

On the 15th week of pregnancy, is actively developing Uteroplacental (between the uterus and placenta), and fetoplacental (between the fruit of the placenta), the blood circulation.The system of mother - placenta - fetus allows the mother's body and the fetus is difficult to communicate.An example of such cooperation may be the synthesis of hormones.Thus, the female sex hormones estrogen produced by enzymes of the liver and adrenal glands of the fetus, placenta and adrenal mother.Begin their education in the placenta, then continues in the adrenal glands of the fetus and the mother ends up in the adrenal glands.During normal pregnancy the amount of estrogen in the mother's blood increases with gestational age, with 90% of estrogen produced in the mother - placenta - fetus and only 10% - in the ovaries of the mother.

Increasing concentration of estrogen allows the growth and development of the uterus, proper metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting in the muscles of the uterus, the accumulation of energy substances necessary for the proper metabolism of the fetus.At complicated pregnancy of one of the reduction of estrogen (estriol) is an early diagnostic of impaired fetal growth.The increased amount of estrogen in the blood also contributes to the fact that women appear less viscous and more copious.

an important role in the relationship between the mother's and the fetus play a compensatory-adaptive mechanisms of the placenta.Their development takes place gradually, as the maturation of the placenta.

As a developing fetus in the 15th week of pregnancy

In normal pregnancy to the 15th week already established a system of mother - placenta - fetus that allows the child to safely develop.At this time, the length of the baby already is about 14 cm, and weight - about '80 Fruit growing quite rapidly, height and weight are indicative of its development.They are determined by hereditary (genetically encoded) features state mother and condition of the placenta.

continues to develop the endocrine system, which actively interacts with the system mother - placenta - fetus.The determining factor for the growth and development of the fetus is the permeability of the placenta.Violations of the permeability of the placenta are the main cause of damage to the fetus if the majority of acute and chronic complications during pregnancy.Since that time, already quite well developed pancreatic endocrine activity, ie production of insulin Principles of insulin - the science of saving lives The principles of action of insulin - the science saves lives , which promotes the buildup of body weight of the child.

The main factors that determine the permeability of the placenta are anatomical features of its structure and chemical properties of various substances that pass through the placenta.Normally placenta should provide for the exchange of water, gases and amino acids ("bricks" which are built of proteins), glucose (energy), free fatty acids and vitamins.Only if such an exchange fetus will develop correctly.

By the 15th week, it already function well all the organs of the child is actively moving, pounding feet in the uterine wall, the mother of a good catch these movements.Gradually develop the senses.Eyes are covered with lids, a child can blink.Continue to develop hearing, including the outer ear.When the baby opens her mouth, clearly visible pink tongue.All of this can be clearly seen during ultrasound examination of the fetus.

Cartilage tissue continues to transform into bone, joints are becoming a more regular shape, range of motion in them increases.The skin is red, but the subcutaneous tissue yet.

Breathing exercises during pregnancy

Breath for pregnant women is particularly important if, for some reason, the body of the child receives insufficient oxygen, then it affects all organs and tissues, especially the brain.Pregnant women are assigned a special breathing exercises that will not only increase the supply of oxygen to the body, but also help to cope with breathing during labor.Breathing exercises during pregnancy also contribute to the normalization of blood circulation, relieve any discomfort.Teach this breathing in the antenatal clinic.