Maternity leave - do not delay the case indefinitely

Maternity leave Do not think that maternity leave is given to convert all pending "in the closet" case.Maternity leave - this time, designed to prepare for childbirth and nursing him in the first few months after birth.And if you're using this time as it should be, then you will about him the most pleasant memories.In 1952 in Geneva at the International Labour Conference was developed by the Convention on Maternity Protection, which reflected the right of women to pre-natal and post-natal leave.Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Convention has been ratified by July 6, 1956, came into force from August 10, 1957

Currently, maternity leave is reflected in the following legislation:

  • in the Federal Law of the Russian Federation from 29.12.2006.№ 255-FZ;
  • in Articles 255, 256, 260, 261, 93 of the Labour Code;
  • in the decision of the Constitutional Court on 03/22/07.

example, in Article 255 of the Labour Code states that women are entitled to maternity leave of 70 (in the case of twins, triplets, etc. - 84) calendar days before childbirth and 70 (in the case of complications in childbirth - 86the birth of two or more children - 110) calendar days after delivery.If labor came to 30 weeks of pregnancy (including the birth of a dead child), the duration of maternity leave is 156 days.

Maternity leave is granted to women in full, regardless of the number of days used prior to delivery.Paid maternity leave in the average earnings of women calculated for the last year, prior to the commencement of maternity leave (the amount is not taxed).The right to maternity leave have also broken woman.

other benefits for pregnant women

addition (Article 260 of the Labour Code), the woman is given the opportunity to take regular annual paid leaveand use it directly in front of maternity leave or after it.In accordance with Article 93 of the Labour Code a woman during pregnancy (if it has a recommendation of the doctor) can work part-time or part-week.

Maternity leave and leave to care for a child - it's not the same thing.Maternity leave is given for a period of 70 days after delivery based on the medical certificate issued by the women's advice and leave for child care is provided in accordance with the statement of the woman until the child is three years.Maternity leave is interrupted when a woman came to the end of a job.

labor legislation (Article 123 of the Labour Code) also provides for the possibility of another husband paid leave due to maternity leave of his wife (may be different from the poor health situation of women to the domestic difficulties).

There are also other cash benefits for pregnant women: for example, if a woman is registered in the antenatal clinic up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, she was paid an allowance of 300 rubles at birth - 6000 rubles, 500 rubles per month is paid for carefor a child up to 1.5 years.To such a benefit has been credited, should be on the job to write an application for the calculation of benefits, provide a certificate from the registrar's office of the child's birth certificate from the employer of the other parent that this benefit is not assigned.

monthly allowance calculated on the children in those families where the average income per family member does not exceed the subsistence level established for the region of the Russian Federation.

How better to spend maternity leave

best to maternity leave to be held in accordance with its purpose: to restore physical health and mental balance of a pregnant woman and her baby.For this woman has much of his time on the fresh air, walk more, alternating walking with rest.A pregnant woman should sleep 8-9 hours a day.

better if classes will bring a woman pleasure: interesting books, relaxing music, walks in the woods and the park, buying "dowry" for the baby - all of this will affect the mental balance, and hence the health of the pregnant woman.Of course, it is not necessary during maternity leave to leave their place of permanent residence: any riding can not affect the status of the pregnant woman and nobody can anticipate how her body will react to such exposure.

wonderful, calming pastime to a pregnant woman - knitting.You can link or booties cap for the future baby, but you can - a scarf for my husband.Just do not forget that you can not stay long in the same position.

Female consultations always hold special training courses for pregnant women: how to eat, how to behave during childbirth, which exercise myths about exercise: do not believe Myths about exercise: do not believe to do, etc.It is not necessary to give up these courses: the benefit will bring not only knowledge, but also chat with other pregnant women.

Maternity leave - a great time!

Galina Romanenko