Artificial insemination - when medical attention is needed

Artificial insemination Thanks to advances in modern medicine infertility problem no longer seems so intractable as a few years ago.Existing IVF or in vitro fertilization (from the Latin words "extra" - outside, inside and "body" - the body) provides several options that allow the family to get a long-awaited child.

IVF is necessary in cases where there is a serious uterine pathology, functional failure of vital organs (heart, liver, kidney), especially in the stage of decompensation in women or sperm, disturbance of men.Sometimes the reasons for the lack of pregnancy remain unclear, but if the couple during the year, despite regular attempts, there is no conception, then it is also recommended to resort to using the program.

Unfortunately, many couples have not yet resolved to take the help of in vitro fertilization, both objective and subjective reasons.For objective reasons include the high cost of services.Indeed, similar manipulations in some clinics are sometimes estimated to twenty thousand dollars, for many couples is not available price.Especially when you consider that the cost of services is paid regardless of the outcome, that is one hundred percent no one can guarantee.And warn spouses about this in advance.

But even if the price is not an obstacle, many people confuse the fact of artificial insemination, especially when using a sperm donor.Other subjective reasons include the stubborn belief that artificially conceived children can not subsequently give birth to her own child.This conclusion is not under a completely no reason, because the conception of a child is exactly the same as in the natural fertilization, ie,by the merger of male and female sex cells.The only difference is that the merger is carried out womb.But for the further development of the embryo germ cells a venue plays absolutely no role in the future and confirmed the emergence of a healthy offspring from the so-called "people out of the tube."

How then carried out in vitro fertilization?Primarily follikuloobrazuyuschuyu stimulate ovarian function.Because of this, several mature eggs, and increases the chance of pregnancy.Next is the puncture of the ovary with the purpose of the fence mature eggs.Do not be afraid of this procedure - it is virtually painless and non-traumatic.For its conduct does not even require hospitalization.At the request of the patient and the procedure can take place under local anesthesia, although it is likely to reassure the patient.

After puncture the egg transferred to cups with special nutrient medium, which is placed in inkubature, which has created the most identical conditions of intrauterine development.Thus, in an incubator maintained at a constant temperature, the gas composition is controlled by air and so on.

After five or six hours in a cup made with eggs gently sperm.The result is a fertilization cell division, which is fixed by means of microscopic examination.After 2-3 days the embryo is transferred into the natural fetal condition, where continues its development.The movement of the embryo in the womb is also quite painless.

A few days later to confirm the pregnancy blood test blood test: the mirror of health Blood tests: a mirror of health for the presence of specific hormones in pregnant women.Three weeks after the beginning of the embryo is detected by ultrasound.

Another option IVF, which can be applied in the complete inability of women to nurturing the child acts surrogacy program.This woman bears and gives birth to the child, not being his biological mother.When male infertility Causes - heredity and lifestyle The causes of infertility - heredity and lifestyle can use donor sperm.The health status of the donor, including genetic predisposition to various diseases, is strictly controlled, and the couple can get acquainted with the appearance and other characteristics of the donor and pick it yourself.

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