The 10th week of pregnancy: the baby grows

10 Weeks Pregnant At the tenth week of pregnancy, the abdomen can already become a little noticeable - especially those for whom this is not the first pregnancy.Talk to an expert about what physical activity you need to keep in shape during pregnancy and not harm the baby.


Fatigue and nausea

What you get tired faster and stronger, due to several factors.Progesterone, which is produced during pregnancy in very large quantities, some women numbs the muscles - not very much, but enough to make the usual load given significantly heavier.In addition, the body at the tenth week of pregnancy is just beginning to adapt to the increasing volume of blood;heart load thus increases, which affects the overall health of women.Try to relax as much as possible and reduce a little exercise.

Nausea most often occurs early in pregnancy, and not just in the morning.If you start to feel sick during your workouts, try to engage in less intense.Watch the reaction of the organism to various foods and the ability to exclude those who perceives bad stomach.Also, remember that after the end of the first trimester, many women nausea passes.

eyes become more dry and eyelids - swollen.This is due to fluid retention.If this bothers you or if you have much worse vision, consult your doctor.


Relaxation ligaments

At the tenth week of pregnancy, the body has to prepare for the upcoming birth.It produced a special hormone relaxin, which relaxes the ligaments and other tissues of the body.Thus, they are relatively easy to expand as the child grows, and during childbirth.


Breast tenderness

In the first weeks of pregnancy the breast is particularly sensitive to any touch.To reduce discomfort, wear comfortable supportive bra.

Constipation - another sign of early pregnancy.Sometimes it persists throughout pregnancy.Progesterone not only relaxes the tissues of the body, preparing them for the development of maternity leave, but also slows down the metabolic processes in the body.This is to ensure that absorbed from food as many nutrients.A side effect of these changes is constipation.To cope with them, eat more fiber and drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day.If this does not help, ask your doctor to prescribe a mild laxative.


unborn child

At the tenth week, it is clear which cells will become skin, which - bones, and so on.Already formed muscles and fingers and toes.The brain is growing very quickly - every minute generated 250,000 new neurons.In the body of the child has already started to produce testosterone.The fruit has less similar to the embryo, and more - the little man.The "tail" of the embryo to the tenth week has completely disappeared.The length of its body is now about 2.5-3 cm, weight - about 3 grams - no more grapes.


visit to the doctor

At the beginning of pregnancy the doctor examines the history of the expectant mother.He needs to know what contraception you use, whether you have allergies (especially to drugs and food), as well as pregnancy, miscarriages and abortions.Tell him, if someone in your family has a serious illness (eg, cancer), and / or genetic disorders.

addition, the physician is required to do the analysis of urine, blood, and a Pap smear.Measured levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (the so-called hormone of pregnancy), hemoglobin, determined the blood group and Rh factor.Also, do a blood test for HIV, hepatitis B Hepatitis B - a dangerous inflammation of the liver Hepatitis B - a dangerous inflammation of the liver and syphilis Syphilis - punishment Venus Syphilis - punishment of Venus .The smear can help detect gonorrhea and chlamydia.


How is the expectant mother

Mom phenomenon gradually decrease toxicity, increase appetite, and with it weight.It's not always a good thing, because the amount of fat added that with the development of pregnancy can give unnecessary strain on the internal organs of women, especially in the heart.Therefore, the ten-week pregnancy it is better to avoid too much weight gain.How to do it?Eat small meals more often, there is not fatty meat, butter and sweet - all contribute to weight gain.And the desire to eat something sweet is best met by fruit.

must also move more - a walk in the fresh air, watching and physiotherapy.However, therapeutic exercises should be carried out not on the recommendations of glossy magazines and intended obstetrician-gynecologist and under supervision of an instructor LFK, otherwise the body can be harmful, because some of the exercises can strengthen muscle contractions.


How is the baby

A baby grows, its length already about 6 cm and a weight of about '12 grow, develop and begin to function all the organs, there is no tail (yes, your baby is no longer a tadpole).The head of the child is still very large, but it appears the cervix more clearly visible facial features (ask for an ultrasound to take a photo of your baby).He already has eyelids, and he knows how to blink a little hump nose, low-set ears.Eyes have placed less widely, but it still looks like an alien.In the mouth formed lips when they open, visible inside the mouth little tongue and gums (gums inside the developing baby teeth).

digestive system continues to evolve: developing stomach, intestines, pancreas.It continues to operate liver, begin to form in her bile ducts.

is developing bronchopulmonary system and aperture (wide muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal and participates in the act of breathing).

actively developing fetus and the neuroendocrine system: the cerebellum, hypothalamus, pituitary.Under the influence of the neuroendocrine system continue to form the fetal sex characteristics (in this respect, boys outperform girls), thymus and thyroid gland, adrenal glands.

being developed senses: is the formation of the eyes, auditory system, taste.


What you should pay attention to the tenth week of pregnancy

During pregnancy, metabolic processes in the female body through the skin are activated and begin to vigorously released metabolic products, which are an excellent breeding ground for a variety of microorganisms.This contributes to sweating.Clean the skin promotes a more active sweat removal of harmful for the body metabolic products and has the ability to self-purification.If you do not wash your skin regularly, it reduces the protective properties, the conditions for the breeding of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.

During pregnancy, it is recommended to wash in the shower twice a day, avoiding the overheating of the body and a power shower.Instead of soap is better to use special moisturizing shower gels that do not violate the normal composition of the microflora of the skin and does not dry it (which is not the soap).Particular attention should be paid to the handling of problem areas: armpits (hair in this area is better to shave), the skin under the breasts and groin folds.Especially the period of pregnancy may be that the usual means for the soul, which previously perfect for a woman's skin, begin to cause irritation, and sometimes allergic reactions.It says that under the influence of hormones the skin change their properties and now it is necessary to select for other cosmetics, have better anti-allergenic properties.

require special attention breast cancer.They need every day after showering wipe rather rough towel.It prevents the appearance of cracks on the nipple.Better to wear a bra made of natural fabrics and precise size.In the last months of pregnancy may appear allocation from mammary discharge from the breast - breast cancer exclude Discharge from the breast - rule out breast cancer .In such cases, you should use special pads feminine pads - talk about wings Feminine pads - talk about wings for breast.

Pregnant women should avoid public swimming pools.Not because they are counter-water treatment, and because the water in these basins for the purpose of disinfecting hard enough saturated with chlorine (very unsafe substance).At the same time, despite the disinfection in the pool can catch some infections (eg, chlamydia or fungal diseases).