8th week of pregnancy: mother - the main man

8 Weeks Pregnant first eight weeks of fetal development are called human embryonic or embryonic period.The period from the ninth week of pregnancy until the end called fetal or fetal.Accordingly, the developing utero man called first an embryo or fetus, then the fetus.

What characterizes the development of the embryonic period

embryonic period - the most crucial development in utero, because at that time, and begins an intensive development of all the structures of the human body.The resulting three germ layers during this time differentiate into various tissues and organs.For example, the outer layer (ectoderm) gives rise to the placenta and fetal membranes, the inner (endoderm) - is the basis of all the internal organs, the average leaf (mesoderm), located between the ecto- and endoderm develops into the skin, bones and muscles.

By the end of the embryonic period (8th week of pregnancy) the major organs of the embryo are already functioning.In the development of human embryonic period is critical.The fetus is particularly vulnerable to the influence of various environmental factors and depends on the state of the parent body.

By the end of the eighth week of pregnancy, the fetus is the length of 2.5-3 cm, weight - about 5 By this time he is already well formed facial features, limbs, external genitalia.Sharply reduced tail, limbs planned division into three sections, and the skin has a reddish - yellow color.Eyes embryo large and widely spaced, there is a nose and ears beginnings.

embryo have almost formed the stomach, intestines, pancreas Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know and livernervous, circulatory and respiratory systems.In a week it will not be the embryo and fetus.

woman feels at the eighth week of pregnancy

Since there is a very rapid development of the embryo, while the placenta has not yet formed, a woman can increase the phenomenon of toxicity.She was harder to get up in the morning (sick and dizzy), and during the day may appear in moments of weakness and malaise.But very soon all this will pass.

Join other signs: frequent urination (the result of the influence of progesterone and the growing pressure of the uterus), heartburn, constipation and flatulence.Violations of the gastrointestinal tract can be overcome with the help of diet: frequent small feedings Fractional power: how to lose weight Fractional power: how to lose weight , exclusion fatty, fried, spicy and salty foods.Constipation well help dairy drinks and dried fruit (dried plums, figs, apricots).

still growing and nagrubayut breasts.At this time, it is recommended to wear a bra made from natural fabrics with wide shoulder straps.

survey of women at the eighth week of pregnancy

eighth week of pregnancy - a crucial period.If the woman had not planned the pregnancy and not previously surveyed, it must pass all examinations during pregnancy.

First of all, identify hidden inflammation of the female genital organs and infection.This is very important because in the future they can go to the child and make him a uterine infection or various malformations.Do not be afraid to detect these infections, you know that the vast majority of women have any pathological microflora.But be sure to treat it.To do this, an obstetrician-gynecologist has specially designed for pregnant women a safe procedure.Treatment is also made in terms of safety for the child.

Another must study is to determine blood hormones.The main hormone that allows the maturation of the embryo, and inhibits muscle contractions of the uterus (ie, prevent miscarriage) - a progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology .If it is not enough, then it is prescribed supplementation.From receiving progesterone in any case should not be abandoned, as it supports the natural development of pregnancy.

next type of examination - fetal ultrasound (US).In the early stages can be seen on the ultrasound, the fetus was attached where needed (in the womb, that is, to exclude ectopic pregnancy), as well as eliminate missed abortion missed abortion - do not lose faith in yourself Missed abortion - do not lose faith in yourself , which in the future will not bedevelop.

Finally, determined the blood group and Rh factor of the pregnant woman in order to quickly identify the incompatibility of blood between mother and fetus.In addition, it is possible such a conflict, you need to be prepared: women with Rh negative blood are under particular scrutiny and can not give birth in every maternity hospital, and only where there are conditions for it.

Finally, a pregnant woman visits the antenatal clinic therapist who brings her all chronic diseases and foci of infection and heals them.This specialist can not replace a regular physician, as it passes special training on monitoring of pregnant women with chronic diseases.In addition, women's clinic therapist knows exactly what medicines you can use a pregnant woman and which can not.

Pregnancy - is a big responsibility in front of their unborn child.

Galina Romanenko