7th week of pregnancy: so little and so much

7 Weeks Pregnant Pregnancy continues to evolve.In some ways you are like all pregnant women, and some new features and attributes are unique to you.It is possible that you are all well, and there is not even morning sickness.Are you happy with what is within you is alive and growing a new life.

woman feels on the seventh week of pregnancy

feels may be different from joyful elation and complete lack of discomfort to constant vomiting and pronounced salivation, which require care in a hospital.But it is not terrible, just your body before the placenta is formed (by the end of the 12th week of pregnancy), can not properly deal with the introduction of products of metabolism of the fetus.The hospital will help you take these toxic products and restore normal operation.Under the influence of hormones continue to grow breasts, the nipples become darker and areola (the areola).There may be dark spots on the face and stomach.

Most of the women simply continue to appear periodically nausea (usually in the morning), there is changeability of mood and sometimes - dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet .This is normal for a pregnant woman, you just need to eat right, walk more in the open air, sleep and indulge in pleasant entertainment.

Drink need to continue longer, but the salt is to eat less, gradually accustoming himself to eat a little salted insufficiently food.Do not eat a lot of fried, fatty, spicy.Eat berries, fruits, vegetables - they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances, which will help to restore your metabolism and excretion of toxic products of metabolism from the body of the fetus.

It is equally important to avoid unpleasant situations and stress, because all early pregnancy toxicosis arise as a result of violation of the neuroendocrine regulation of metabolism Metabolism: baseof life of all living Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things .Therefore, any effects on the nervous system only aggravate during toxicosis.

During this time, the woman can not afford to smoke, to drink alcohol.Any pill she can receive only intended obstetrician or prenatal therapist who know that it is possible to take a pregnant woman.

At seven-week pregnancy, a woman must already be registered in the antenatal clinic, as up to eight weeks are possible complications of an ectopic pregnancy.Most often, this pregnancy develops in the fallopian tubes and 7-8 week embryo reaches such proportions that could break the fallopian tube.Signs of rupture of the fallopian tube is a sharp pain in the lower abdomen side and dizziness followed by loss of consciousness (it begins internal bleeding and blood pressure drops sharply).Help a woman can be given only in a hospital as an emergency surgery.If an ectopic pregnancy Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous be detected in advance, the operation could be carried out with gentle methods of preserving the integrity of the fallopian tube.

As the embryo develops in the seventh week of pregnancy

Weight embryo in the seventh week of pregnancy, about 3 g, length - up to 1 cm. His head does not seem so huge in comparison with the body, arms and legs continue to evolve,there fingers, starts laying and development of the skeleton (in the form of cartilage), the rudiments of teeth.But the embryo still has a small ponytail.

At the end of the week the embryo becomes a four-chambered heart, the aorta is formed (on it from the heart into the arteries enters the blood, oxygen-rich) and pulmonary artery (despite its name, it carries venous blood, saturated with carbon dioxide), is gradually improving proper blood circulation.But the heart muscle is weak, so is better supplied with blood, the upper half of the body.

continuing development of the endocrine system, this week developing thymus (immunity for the Future of the child).Begin to form sexual organs, they are slightly different in boys and girls.But ultrasound baby's gender can be determined only after the 16th week of pregnancy.Begin to develop pituitary and thyroid thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones .

skin is covered with another layer of cells that protect the baby from the penetration of infection.Develop senses: form of the eye, small bumps from which further develop and deepen the ears in place of the nose.Gradually developing digestive system.

continues to develop the placenta and the umbilical cord is formed gradually connecting the beginnings of the placenta to the embryo.

you are not yet registered at the women's clinic?In vain, because the prenatal doctor will help you and your child throughout the pregnancy.

Galina Romanenko