The last days of pregnancy: very soon you will become a mother

the last days of pregnancy Pregnancy lasts forty weeks.This is the time when a woman is resting and preparing to become a mother.During pregnancy there are different periods - excellent health and high spirits, melancholy, depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood , ailments and so on.And, nevertheless, it is the perfect time.But here come the last days of pregnancy, a little more - and you will be born baby.


Hormone "revolution" before delivery

In the last days of pregnancy under the influence of hormones is changing the operation of all organs and systems of a woman.This is necessary for the formation of the body's biological readiness for the expulsion of the fetus - it is this willingness to contribute to the fact that births occur time and proceed correctly.

It is known that during pregnancy the main hormone that ensures proper course of pregnancy, progesterone was Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology .Progesterone restrained contraction of the muscles of the uterus and warned spontaneous miscarriage.In the last days of pregnancy, progesterone is losing its primacy in the body begins to produce more female hormones - estrogen.Under the influence of estrogen produced contractile protein actomyosin, softens the cervix and increases the sensitivity of the muscles of the uterus to the active substance that can cause reductions (for example, oxytocin and prostaglandins).An increasing number of prostaglandins - biologically active substances that stimulate the contraction of the muscles of the uterus.Increases the level of hormones that prepare women to future stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , that is, to leave.

placenta actively accumulate biologically active substances (enzymes, vitamins, minerals) that can provide a high level of energy and plastic processes.The placenta also stops to suppress the production of substances that increase uterine activity, such as oxytocin and acetylcholine.


physical condition of women in the last days of pregnancy

At the 9th month of pregnancy in women or increasing shortness of breath occurs izthe fact that a large uterus backs organs of the chest cavity.In the last weeks before delivery shortness of breath usually takes as little stomach drops.This is the result of what the presenting part of the child down in a small basin.

This increases the pressure on the bladder, causing a woman can be confusing for frequent urge to urinate.But such phenomena can be reduced as heartburn and nausea.Constipation and flatulence usually concerned up to the birth.

Signs of disorders of the central nervous system and circulatory system: dizziness, fainting, insomnia, increased bleeding (eg, gums).Due to the compression of blood vessels, there are signs of varicose veins, which may be accompanied by swelling of the legs swelling of the legs - do not leave without attention Swelling of the legs - do not leave without attention and painful spasms of the leg muscles.One of the signs of stagnation in the veins - hemorrhoids, he is also concerned about pregnant women.There are back pain, muscle contractions of the uterus, which some women take over the fight.


How does the uterus before delivery

the end of the pregnancy in the uterus increases the number and size of muscle fibers and nerve endings (receptors).Therefore, the uterus becomes very sensitive with respect to the movements of the child.But in the last weeks of pregnancy, the number of nerve endings decreases: the body prepares the uterus for childbirth and tries to make them less painful.In contrast, the number of blood vessels in the uterus increases up to the birth.

cervix in the last days of pregnancy under the influence of estrogen becomes more soft, ready for disclosure.At this time, in the cervical canal increases mucus, which forms a channel protective tube neck without allowing infection to penetrate into the uterine cavity.With the onset of labor, this protective tube extends in the form of mucous secretion.


condition of the fetus before birth

Before birth the baby becomes less active, it is not so much moving.This is due to the fact that he grew up, and he left very little room for movement.This is normal.Usually, the fruit had already takes the desired position (head looking down and spin to the left).At this time, growing rapidly all organs and tissues of the child, the brain matures.Of particular importance is the maturation of the lung tissue, since the lungs mature accumulate a sufficient amount of a substance that prevents law decay of the lungs (surfactant).

woman should know that a child at that time already developed senses, so he hears it and understands the mother, father and other people.Not a word, of course, but emotional conversation he catches very well (most likely, this is due to the mother's heartbeat).So do not swear, it is better to speak softly to the child, including a peaceful and beautiful music.

If during pregnancy the baby is completely dependent on the mother's body, by the end of pregnancy, many of the processes taking place in his body on their own.That is, the child is ready to go into the light.

If a woman during pregnancy was observed in female consultation and follow all prescription, then very soon it will get a healthy baby.

Galina Romanenko