Home pregnancy tests - and can fool

home pregnancy tests Today there is hardly a drugstore or pharmacy, where no sale of a home pregnancy test.These tests are simple and easy to use and allow you to diagnose pregnancy from the first day of a missed period, and sometimes up to the delay.Companies - manufacturers of rapid tests so many, the price of the tests vary, but the method for determining the pregnancy and the same is simple, there is only a small difference in the instructions.

The essence of the method for determining pregnancy rapid test

method is based on determining the presence in the body of the hormone human chorionic (HCG), which is a healthy woman is produced only during pregnancy.HCG is produced by the placenta and can be detected in the urine even when the two-week pregnancy, which usually corresponds to the first day of delay or 2-3 days prior to menstruation.

Terms holding pregnancy test

For more accurate results you must follow a few rules for the pregnancy test:

  • test is best done in the morning, a small amount of urine collected immediately after awakening (morning urine is more concentrated, the number ofhCG in it increased, which will give more reliable results);
  • if necessary to carry out the test at a different time of day, it is better not to get involved in the liquid so as not to "dilute" the urine and reduce the concentration of hCG;
  • for the test quite a bit of urine, about 20-30 milliliters;
  • urine should be at room temperature (do not freeze, do not keep in a cool place);
  • in any case can not shake and shake the urine;
  • test falls in urine up to a level marked on the test strip and measured for 5-10 minutes after removal;
  • utensils urine collection should be clean.

Advantages test

Advantages of home pregnancy tests sometimes justify their overpriced:

  • complete anonymity;
  • usability;
  • accuracy of determining the pregnancy reaches 95-100%;
  • early diagnosis of pregnancy.

Disadvantages home tests

Like any other method for determining pregnancy, rapid tests are not without drawbacks:

  • pregnancy has not yet been confirmed by the fact that pregnancy is "correct", ie masterbatch;
  • pregnancy tests can give false results;
  • across substandard tests (with expiry date) or expensive.

cases in which the test will show a false result

happens that the test gives a false-negative or false positive result.This is affected by several factors:

  • non-compliance of the test;
  • violation of storage of the test;
  • too early conduct of the test (day after sexual intercourse);
  • dysfunctional disorders of the ovaries;
  • threatened miscarriage (hCG decrease in the body);
  • for 1-2 months after birth (hCG has not fully dissolved in the body);
  • tumor in which there is a synthesis of hCG (or molar pregnancy horionkartsinoma).

interpretation of test results

tests are very important to correctly interpret the results, as it affects the future behavior of women:

  • test is positive if after the test strip shows two pink (red) line (with a small delay of the second strip appear weakly);
  • test is negative if there is one line (then it is recommended to repeat the test in 2-3 days);
  • if no line at all, it means that the test was of poor quality, and better to buy a new another firm.

In the case of a positive test should not delay the visit to the gynecologist, who will confirm the pregnancy and prescribe the necessary examination.You should not throw away used test better grab it with the antenatal clinic and see a doctor.

What to look for when buying a test

Not all tests are as good as their praise, so when purchasing, make sure:

  • the integrity of the packaging;
  • not expired;
  • test is that the company that you used last time, and he did not disappoint you;
  • available explanatory instructions on the packaging test.

Do not neglect the conduct of the test at home, in some cases, early in the test will help to avoid possible problems during pregnancy or menstruation delays.

Anna Sozinova