Insemination - if it is impossible to conceive of the

Insemination procreation - the birth of children inherent in every human being.However, about 30% of couples faced with infertility.Little miracle - fertilization may prevent many factors.Often the problem of infertility in the family is related to the man.But it is not always necessary to solve the problem fundamentally, with the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF).A more simple and accessible method, such as artificial insemination, very successfully helps in eliminating the problem of infertility.

Artificial insemination - is the introduction into the uterus pretreated sperm (husband or donor) for the purpose of pregnancy.In the future, the process of moving sperm fallopian tubes is naturally and ends meeting the egg with the sperm, ie fertilization.The procedure for the introduction of semen is produced using a special thin catheter that is easily passed the cervical canal.Manipulation itself is painless and lasts no more than two minutes, but after the procedure the woman should lie down for half an hour.

advantages of artificial insemination

  • reasonable price (compared to IVF)
  • well tolerated
  • success rate of IVF pregnancies corresponds

Indications for artificial insemination (AI) are divided into three groups:

  • indications for AI by a woman
  • indications for AI from the husband's sperm donor
  • indications for AI semen husband

Indications for use of the husband's sperm

  • cervical factor (in the case of loss of sperm motility in contactin the cervical canal).This is usually due to the presence of sperm antibodies in cervical mucus (also called allergic wife's husband)
  • oligospermia (low sperm count with normal mobility)
  • Vaginismus
  • Impotence
  • lack of ejaculation
  • Malformations of the sexual organs, which is not possible when the natural sexact

Indications for use donor sperm

  • Azoospermia (absence of sperm in the ejaculate)
  • Incompatibility spouses Rh
  • husband Hereditary diseases that can be transmitted to offspring
  • husband Severe infections (AIDS)
  • Reduction of semen, without the effect of the treatment

Indications for insemination by women

  • lack of sexual partner
  • Severe adhesions in the pelvis Endometriosis
  • moderate or severe

Contraindications to artificial insemination

  • Malignant tumors of any localization
  • General and mental illness Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? , at which pregnancy is contraindicated
  • Acute inflammation
  • tumors or ovarian cysts Ovarian cysts - normal or dangerous? Ovarian cysts - normal or dangerous?
  • malformations of the uterus, where it is impossible to child bearing
  • lack of consent of the woman
  • Conduct procedures under anesthesia
  • No written confirmation of consent of both spouses
  • racist motives to "ennoble the race»

Stages of artificial insemination

  • Stimulation of ovulation or the normalization of the natural menstrual cycle
  • control of oocyte maturation and prepare the endometrium for fertilization (by ultrasound)
  • timing for the manipulation (the day of oocyte maturation and its exit from the ovary)
  • intrauterine administrationsperm (artificial insemination)

semen for artificial insemination

semen processing is necessary for the body to eliminate foreign proteins that it contains and can lead to allergic reactions.The processing carried thickening, settling and centrifugation of sperm, whereby it becomes more concentrated and discharged from the large number of abnormal sperm.

Never mix the husband's sperm and a donor, as it degrades the quality of sperm.

Factors that increase the effect of artificial insemination

  • woman's age is less than 30 years
  • presence of both fallopian tubes patency
  • use of drugs - stimulants Ovulation
  • using quality semen

Artificial insemination is performed once or twice indays of the expected ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? .Suitable sperm which contains not less than 10 million active sperm per milliliter and less than 4 million spermatozoa with normal morphology.

Artificial insemination currently occupies an important place in the treatment of infertility Infertility Treatment - What are the priority principles Infertility Treatment - What principles are priority .Application of this method significantly reduces the number of childless couples, and the method of proving that infertility can and must be fought.

Anna Sozinova