Pregnancy and signs - how to protect themselves from the evil eye?

pregnancy signs Pregnancy and childbirth have always been dangerous for women and children, especially in the old days when clans often ended tragically.Therefore, people tried as much as possible to protect the pregnant woman posing for her to take a number and rituals.Some of them are quite rational, they can be explained with contemporary positions.

Signs relating to compliance with the pregnant woman mode

At a time when there was no medical care and no one to explain to a pregnant woman, what you can do, and what not, comes to help her folk wisdom.Here is what she advised pregnant women:

  • can not engage in any needlework, including cook their own dowry for the baby (it should be prepared by someone else) - sew, embroider, knit, and so on, because the child may appear on his cheekbirthmark;Tips to: sewing - is able to work sitting down, before it was almost the only form of recreation for women, but for a long stay in a state of sitting leads to stagnation of blood, which would adversely affect the child;
  • not hang clothes - a long time to be with your hands up (and not just hanging laundry) is really harmful to a pregnant woman - this will increase the contractility of the muscles of the uterus and can cause miscarriage;
  • can not walk across a log, put his legs - which means that a woman should be careful as walking and sitting in the state, including a to do broad steps and crossing the legs - very rightly, all of which can damage andmother and child;
  • can not bathe in the bath Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures - begin preterm labor;it really is: hot water and steam can cause miscarriage Miscarriage - whether it can be insured? Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it? or premature birth;
  • can not sit on the doorstep and get out through the window - a warning that a woman should beware of drafts and sudden movements;In addition, the threshold of the house was considered the boundary between the real world and the next;
  • can not be cut and comb your hair - it is hard to find a grain of truth, a sign is related to the fact that in the old days the hair attributed mystical properties;but during pregnancy can not be accurately painted hair and do perm;
  • can not look at all scary and ugly: to fire (the child may appear on the body of large birthmarks), animals (including cats) - this is correct, can all cause stress, the consequences of which are unpredictable to a pregnant woman;and cats are the traditional vectors of toxoplasmosis - one of the most dangerous parasitic infestations for pregnant women, which can lead to the birth of a sick child;
  • can not advance to buy a crib or stroller for the baby, and if it remained from the previous baby, you can not swing - is, of course, a prejudice, but if a woman is convinced of the correctness of the signs, it is better to observe, in order to avoidstress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? ;
  • can not eat surreptitiously - is very correct: there should be in a calm atmosphere, do not overeat, but do not starve.

all about the evil eye

evil eye fear today that we talk about the past times.Mental effects on humans were and are.Pregnant women are also particularly prone to them.Even just a malevolent look and accidentally cast an evil word can make a big impression on them.From the mental effects always helped rituals - it's like an anchor for which it was necessary to hold on, not to be influenced by "the evil eye".The problem is that if a woman believes in these signs, they help her.Here are the "anchor": gird black woolen thread, red thread worn on the wrist, put on a amulets, talismans, iron objects (they scare away evil spirits), tied in a knot yarn bundles.

In order to avoid the "evil eye" had to conceal the pregnancy as long as possible - in our time, this advice is not relevant: early registration with the antenatal clinic and regular medical supervision - a guarantee that the possible complications are minimized.A pregnant woman can not be jealous, cursing her, pestering her with questions about the status and future of the child.A woman should not go to crowded places - might jinx it - is very important in our time, when there are plenty of viral infections.

Boy or girl?

Who will be born - a boy or a girl cared for pregnant women at all times.And if today is you can definitely tell when ultrasound about the 20th week of pregnancy, the women had previously guessing up to the birth.Here are the main signs relied on our grandmothers:

  • if the pregnancy is easy, a good appetite, it's a boy, and if a woman becomes capricious and fastidious to the food (especially if you are constantly eating sweet) - the girl;Avicenna believed that if a woman is pregnant with a boy, her complexion is better and the pregnancy is easier;
  • if the stomach of a pregnant woman a lot of hair, so it's a boy - it may very well be that the male sex hormone testosterone Five myths about testosterone Five myths about testosterone contributes to body hair;
  • if the abdomen of a woman rises high, it will be a girl, if low, and bulges forward - a boy;not very accurate indication - depends on the shape of the abdomen muscle tone.

All vintage signs can become just entertainment for the modern pregnant woman.Some of them are rational, others - not so that to comply and what is not - it's up to her.But today, every pregnant woman should know clearly: the most important thing for her, "a talisman" to become an obstetrician-gynecologist of female consultation.

Galina Romanenko