The first days of pregnancy - taking care of the baby from the first minute

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the first days of pregnancy you know that pregnancy officially begins on the first dayyour past (before pregnancy) monthly?In the medical environment, it is considered as the beginning of pregnancy that day, because it is usually not possible to determine on which day occurred fertilization.

In the first days of pregnancy you will, of course, do not know they are pregnant, but maybe, intuition tells you that something is seriously changed.Many women say that almost immediately after conception, they have a kind of special feeling.Science can not prove it, for that matter, to refute.So listen to yourself - and try to be objective.

Date of birth

Thus, the expected date of delivery is determined by just 40 weeks from the start of your last menstrual period.Perhaps that is why even in time give birth only 5-10% of the women.

After the egg is released from the ovary and fallopian tubes into the uterus descends, she is ready to conceive, but your body is preparing for a possible attackpregnancy - progesterone is produced, the endometrium thickens.Fertilization can only occur within 12-24 hours after ovulation has occurred Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? , since only this time the egg remains viable.If it does not, the endometrium and exfoliate a few days removed from the body along with some blood, and in one of the ovaries starts to mature another egg - is once again ready for a possible pregnancy.

When fertilization occurs, the egg, which is now properly called fetal egg, a few days later embedded in the uterine wall.This process is called implantation embryo - and only if the pregnancy is real.Experts believe that every woman for life there very early miscarriages;as it is impossible to say - perhaps more than a dozen.This occurs when the egg is fertilized, implantation but for whatever reason did not happen.In most cases, a woman of such abortions are not known;the only feature in this may be somewhat more intense than normal menstruation.

fertilized egg most often occurs in the third week of the menstrual cycle, implantation - on the fourth (as you remember, "officially" by the time you are pregnant for 4 weeks).It will take only 265 days from the moment of fertilization, and the light will be a new man.

Already in the early days may appear signs of pregnancy such as bloating, abdominal cramps, breast tenderness and mood swings - but all of this can easily be mistaken for signs of approaching menstruation.

What happens in the body during the first days of pregnancy?

Immediately after fertilization begins to produce human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) - a hormone of pregnancy.He, as well as progesterone and estrogen Estrogen - the key to healthy bones Estrogen - the key to bone health are beginning to prepare the body for the upcoming motherhood.

Pets rapid tests for pregnancy is hCG react.

In the first days of pregnancy its level is usually not high enough to test could give relevant results, but you can try.If the result is negative, try again in a few days;if positive, make an appointment to the gynecologist.

In the first days of pregnancy begins to develop another important hormone - relaxin.It helps to relax the muscles and ligaments.Thus the body is preparing in advance a place where the child will grow - thanks to this hormone the uterus and the skin will be stretched with relative ease.

For unborn baby of oxygen and nutrients in the body of a pregnant woman's blood volume increases.A peculiar side effect of this phenomenon is blooming moms.

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy Early signs of pregnancy: to believe or not to believe? Early signs of pregnancy: to believe or not to believe? is unwarranted fatigue.This is due to the increasing load on the heart, and nausea, which is a common companion pregnancy.In addition, recently, scientists have found that progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology has a sedative effect.As his development increases immediately after pregnancy, you may be sleepy, frequent urge to lie down and take a nap, lethargy.When the body adapts to the hormonal changes, this symptom will manifest weaker.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that in the first days of pregnancy in the body such changes occur, the same term, few people know what happened.

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