Prostatitis and pregnancy - may be difficulties

prostatitis pregnancy Prostatitis and pregnancy - is there a connection here?It was found that heavy or long flowing prostatitis has a negative effect on sexual function and spermatogenesis - the formation of sperm cells and their fertilizing capacity.Therefore, in some cases, the process of conception may be broken.


Prostatitis and conception

Prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate - a disease that often has long-term chronic.And since in this case the inflammatory process develops in the prostate gland (prostatitis), then over time the glandular tissue of the organs is replaced by connective tissue with a gradual reduction in prostate function.

addition, can inhibit spermatogenesis prolonged inflammation resulting from exposure with toxic products.The basic function of the prostate - is the support of spermatogenesis (formation of sperm), the formation of sexual desire and orgasm.

Patients often ask questions, whether it is possible to conceive the prostate, prostatitis affects whether conception.In the long prostatitis is definitely affected.Effect prostatitis conception is that the first broken fertilizing capacity of sperm (sperm motility and their ability to penetrate into the female reproductive tract), and then decreases the content of sperm, and in advanced cases sperm disappear completely, i.e. there is complete sterility.

Unfortunately, prostatitis and infertility - a combination of very real.Temporary infertility associated with inhibition of the function of the prostate prolonged or severe inflammatory process, can be successfully treated.But if infertility is due to the growth in the prostate connective tissue (sclerosis), then restore spermatogenesis will be almost impossible.


Is there a danger?

if conception occurred, then in the future presence of prostatitis father of the child does not affect pregnancy.But there may be a risk if prostatitis is an infectious nature, the infection can be transferred to a woman sexually.And this is a direct threat, as some types of infections are very dangerous during pregnancy, especially for the fetus.Dangerous during pregnancy all kinds of infection, but are especially dangerous infection caused by herpes simplex viruses Herpes simplex - actually not so simple Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple 1 and type 2, and cytomegalovirus (herpes virus type 5).


Can prostatitis have children?

prostatitis can have children.But in order to avoid the risk of intrauterine infection of the fetus, pregnancy should be planned with the preliminary examination and, if necessary, treatment of both parents.And since not all men know that suffer from prostatitis Prostatitis: how to deal with the pain Prostatitis: how to deal with pain (as well as the woman is found to have an infectious-inflammatory processes of genitals), planning of pregnancy is recommended for all couples.

what danger awaits the woman and child during pregnancy if the spouse prostatitis?

If prostatitis is a non-infectious nature, the only danger is the risk of impotence Impotence - a female perspective on the problem Impotence - a female perspective on the problem and infertility.With infectious prostatitis Infectious prostatitis - the result of genital infections Infectious Prostatitis - the result of sexually transmitted infections danger for women is that during pregnancy she is reduced immunity and any infection can take common (generalized) nature.

For the child, most bacterial infections are not a threat - just does not pass the placenta of their pathogens to the fetus.Viral infections are much more dangerous.But a particular danger to the fetus are herpes viruses.Herpesvirus infections are TORCH infections diseases that during pregnancy have very negative effects on the fetus.

threat is infecting the primary infection during pregnancy - in this case the mother and the child is not yet protected by specific immunity and the herpes virus has a destructive effect on the fetus.The impact of herpes on the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy leads to his death, and abortion (miscarriage).Primary herpes in the second trimester of pregnancy leads to the development of fetal abnormalities are often incompatible with life.No less dangerous herpes late in pregnancy, so herpes during the third trimester of pregnancy can be dangerous not only for the fetus, but also for the mother, causing her inflammatory processes.

In most cases, prostatitis is not a threat to the pregnancy, but in order to be absolutely sure, pregnancy should be planned, identifying and prolechivaya with all infectious and inflammatory processes in the genital organs of the parents.

Galina Romanenko