Psoriasis during pregnancy - what to expect?

psoriasis during pregnancy psoriasis during pregnancy more often milder than before.But there are cases and worsening disease during pregnancy, as well as stabilization of the pathological process.Sometimes the first manifestation of psoriasis develop it during pregnancy, often it is a form of the disease is difficult.


psoriasis during pregnancy - especially the disease

during pregnancy under the influence of hormones changes the operation of all organs and systems of a woman.This often leads to changes in the flow existing in her chronic ailments.Including may change and psoriasis.

Unfortunately, psoriasis is still not fully studied the disease.For example, unknown mechanisms contributing to alter the course of the disease in pregnant women.Statistics show that most women have psoriasis during pregnancy proceeds easier than before, and sometimes the process of pregnancy and all fades.

But this is not all women.Approximately one-third of pregnant women with psoriasis the disease worsens, sometimes significantly.Some women do not feel the changes in the course of the disease.With what it is connected?

can only assume that the improvement in the flow of psoriasis is associated with increased blood levels of the female hormone progesterone.

It is known that progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology suppresses the immune system so that the mother did not reject the foreign tissue of the fetus.Since psoriasis is now recognized by all autoimmune disease, the immune system is aggression against the body's own cells, immune suppression leads to the fact that during its becomes easier.

In addition, during pregnancy a woman's body increases the secretion of glucocorticoid hormone of the adrenal cortex cortisol Cortisol - the hormone of the adrenal cortex Cortisol - the hormone of the adrenal cortex , which has a pronounced anti-inflammatory action.

Why is it that of the pregnant women for psoriasis becomes more severe?Some researchers have suggested that this is due to stress, resulting in disrupted hormones that affect the course of psoriasis.

But it is also possible that changes in psoriasis in pregnant women is associated with some other unknown factor science.


Impetigo herpetiformis

Impetigo herpetiformis - a form of psoriasis that develops during pregnancy in women who have not previously suffered from psoriasis.This disease is sometimes called herpes during pregnancy, although herpes infections, it is irrelevant.It occurs rarely, and almost never learned - until now, there are disputes about whether it is a separate disease or a form of psoriasis.

Still, most experts believe that Impetigo herpetiformis is a form of generalized pustular psoriasis pustular psoriasis - a severe form of the disease Pustular psoriasis - a severe form of the disease .It is developing the disease for the first time during pregnancy, which appears to be associated with neuroendocrine disorders in women.During subsequent pregnancies disease often repeated.

disease develops most often in late pregnancy, and sometimes immediately after birth.It begins with the appearance of pustular eruptions in the abdomen, in the inguinal folds, which can quickly spread throughout the body.The vesicles with yellowish-green contents burst, skin folds become wet, the process is often joined by a bacterial infection.

At the same time a woman has dramatically increased the temperature to high numbers, deteriorating general condition.The rash may spread to the mucous membranes, which further aggravates the course of disease.

Impetigo herpetiformis of pregnancy may occur very hard and cause miscarriage Miscarriage - whether it can be insured? Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it? , premature birth, or severe complications in the mother.


Psoriasis postpartum

Psoriasis may worsen after delivery, and the disease becomes the same as before pregnancy.Sometimes psoriasis after birth is not changed.

Geperteformnoe impetigo can develop after birth in this period, it also runs hard and gives complications.


Pregnancy and psoriasis - what to do?

mild form of psoriasis is treated using external funds - ointments, creams, powders and so on.Of course, all treatments for psoriasis in pregnant women should be prescribed only dermatologist in consultation with an obstetrician-gynecologist, as many drugs, even for outdoor use during pregnancy can not be used or can be used in limited areas of the skin.

Impetigo herpetiformis are treated according to the rules, with the use of drugs for systemic effects as treatment depends on the woman's life.

psoriasis in pregnant women is usually not an obstacle to the birth of a healthy child except in rare cases severe psoriasis.Hereditary predisposition as to the child's psoriasis is quite likely.

Galina Romanenko