Meningitis and pregnancy - how to avoid danger?

meningitis and pregnancy meningitis and pregnancy - a very rare combination, however, exclude the possibility of meningitis during pregnancy impossible.The meningitis prevention is timely treatment of infectious and inflammatory purulent processes and maximum limitation of the contacts of pregnant women with possible sources of infection.


meningitis during pregnancy - is there a risk?

meningitis during pregnancy could theoretically grow more frequently than non-pregnant women, since the beginning of pregnancy is associated with reduced immunity.This physiological response of the body that protects the fetus from rejection by the mother, for whom it is alien tissue.

Immunosuppression poses a threat of infection.Pregnant women often develop a variety of bacterial, fungal and viral infections.Not excluded and various diseases that lead to meningitis.

These diseases primarily includes chronic foci of infection in the field of otolaryngology and periodontal tissue.Very often lead to the development of chronic purulent meningitis in the middle ear, sinuses, purulent gum disease.Development of meningitis during pregnancy is quite real.

Immunosuppression leads to active propagation of conditionally pathogenic microflora living on the surface of the body, such as yeast fungi genus Candida, which can also bethe cause of meningitis.

Finally, a pregnant woman can get menengokokkovoy or enterovirus infection Enterovirus infection - whether it is the danger? Enterovirus infection - whether it is the danger? with the subsequent development of meningitis.

All this theoretical possibility, which rarely occur in practice, however, they need to know in order to prevent as much as possible.

Meningococcal meningitis in pregnant

Meningococcal infection is quite common.For pregnant women, a particular danger are the carriers of this infection and patients who have had it in the form of nasopharyngitis.They are the source of infection - the infection is transmitted through airborne droplets when sneezing and coughing.

in pregnant women meningococcal infection in most cases, also takes place in the form of a carriage or nasopharyngitis, without causing any complications.Nevertheless, possibly severe course of meningococcal disease with the development of meningitis.The course of the disease in pregnant women is usually heavy.And as the disease causes increased vascular permeability, it is possible the penetration of infection through the placenta to the fetus, so meningococcal infection is usually a cause for termination of pregnancy.


serous meningitis in pregnant

serous meningitis Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges often have viral origin and is caused by enterovirus Coxsackie and ECHO.But there are serous meningitis serous meningitis - a consequence of serious infection Serous meningitis - a consequence of serious infection and bacterial origin, such as tuberculosis, syphilitic, leptospiral meningitis.Of all these meningitis for pregnant women all more real disease enterovirus infection and the subsequent development of meningitis.

Enterovirus infection is transmitted through dirty hands and objects, which touched the patient (contact transmission of the disease).Not excluded, and airborne transmission, if the patient has a catarrhal phenomena such as cough, runny nose and sneezing.

serous meningitis - is a form of enterovirus infection, occurring with lesions of the meninges.The disease mainly affects children, adolescents and young adults, including can develop in pregnant women.The incubation period of the disease from 2 to 12 days.It starts acute meningitis, a rise in temperature and repeated vomiting.Sometimes there are seizures and impaired consciousness.Febrile period lasts from three to 10 days.On the second - the third day of the disease appear meningeal symptoms: severe headache, stiff neck, and so on.

course of enteroviral meningitis benign, the patient recovered after a week, the state of the cerebrospinal fluid returns to normal in three to four weeks.

management of pregnancy depends on the condition of women who suffer serous meningitis.For non-severe disease course of infection through the placenta does not usually occur, so the question of the continuation of pregnancy is usually solved positively.


How to prevent meningitis in pregnancy

To prevent meningitis Prevention of meningitis - reasonable precautions Prevention of meningitis - reasonable precautions during pregnancy should be:

  • not in contact with patients suffering from any acute respiratory infections;
  • frequently wash their hands;all fruits and vegetables thoroughly washed under running water and pour over boiling water;
  • promptly treat all acute and chronic purulent ENT diseases and periodontal tissues, as well as any other foci of infection;is optimal treatment of these processes in preparation for pregnancy;
  • strengthen the immune system by the maximum stay in the fresh air and the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals.

Galina Romanenko