Astigmatism during pregnancy - can be dangerous

astigmatism during pregnancy Astigmatism during pregnancy often does not affect the status of women.But if accompanied myopic astigmatism (myopia), a high degree, it can be dangerous.Tension during labor may pose a threat to retinal detachment, which in turn often leads to blindness.

astigmatism - a violation of the right spherical shape of the cornea or lens.When such violations on the retina is formed several meridians refraction of rays of light and a few tricks on the retina, resulting in the image of the object will be blurred.

Most women who suffer from astigmatism, worried how they will be held pregnancy and childbirth.To answer this question, a woman you want to explore.The fact that the astigmatism can be of different kinds.Pregnancy and astigmatism - this is not always a risk.In most cases, astigmatism does not affect the pregnancy and pregnancy also does not have the function of the negative impact.But short-sighted (myopic), astigmatism view of a woman may be at risk.

Astigmatism is always combined with nearsightedness or farsightedness.Simple or complex farsighted (hyperopic) astigmatism Astigmatism - lenses, glasses or surgery? Astigmatism - lenses, glasses or surgery? not threaten complications during pregnancy.Simple and complex nearsighted (myopic), and mixed (myopic and hyperopic), astigmatism may be complicated by a full or partial retinal detachment Retinal detachment - do not delay the operation Retinal detachment - it is not necessary to delay the operation .


What is myopic astigmatism and what is dangerous during pregnancy

pregnancy - a condition that may be complicated by late toxicosis (preeclampsia), one of the signs of which is high blood pressure.When myopia is an increase of the eyeball, resulting in a stretchable membrane and its blood vessels.This leads to malnutrition retina because of which appear on its surface defects can occur even retinal detachment.Retinal detachment leads to a sharp deterioration of vision and even blindness.

high blood pressure the threat of retinal detachment in high myopia astigmatism is greatly increased.That is why women who suffer from myopic astigmatism myopic astigmatism - a combination of astigmatism and nearsightedness Myopic astigmatism - a combination of astigmatism and nearsightedness high degree, are not always allowed to become pregnant.


myopic astigmatism and childbirth

During childbirth muscular tension and poses a threat to retinal detachment.Therefore, at high degrees of myopia astigmatism delivery is often Policy Pay by Caesarean section.

Retinal detachment - is a condition in which the retina loses contact with the choroid and departs from it.Under normal conditions retina is held in the choroid by connecting their cells of the choroid.What matters is also the intraocular pressure from the vitreous (jelly-like substance that fills the space between the retina and the lens).In retinal detachment occurs a reduction or distortion of, and in some cases, and its total loss.


symptoms of retinal detachment

first sign of retinal detachment is the emergence of sparks or lightning before his eyes, which are called photopsia.

images of objects at the same time can be more bent and sway even in comparison with the normal state of view.

Another sign of retinal detachment is the appearance of floating haze before his eyes.Floating turbidity may be a single, but often several.In some cases, they are like a veil of obscure vision.


What if during pregnancy or childbirth began retinal detachment

If there is a suspicion of retinal detachment, a pregnant woman should be immediately hospitalized.Procrastination can lead to complete and irreversible blindness, as at the time of retinal detachment liquid, which is formed at the same time, slowly (and sometimes very quickly) separates the retina from the choroid, and the dying nerve cells of the retina, which makes the process irreversible.

First aid for retinal detachment is the operation of welding the retina and choroid using a specially-induced aseptic (without infection) inflammation.The operation is performed with a laser.

Thus, pregnancy and astigmatism - this is not always dangerous.The real threat to the health of the pregnant woman arises in myopic or mixed astigmatism Mixed astigmatism - a violation of Mixed astigmatism - a violation of .Therefore, when suspected astigmatism woman should undergo a full examination in order to know exactly that during pregnancy her life and health is not threatened.

Galina Romanenko