Sarcoidosis and pregnancy - in the initial stages of the disease are quite compatible

Sarcoidosis pregnancy Women suffering from sarcoidosis, very concerned about how they will carry the pregnancy and will not affect any of sarcoidosis on the fetus.To answer this question the doctor can only after a thorough examination of the woman.If it does not have increasing respiratory failure, the pregnancy usually proceeds without complications.

What happens in the body in sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis - a systemic disease in which the various organs and tissues develop specific signs of inflammation - nodules or granulomas.The cause of the disease is considered to be an inherited feature of the immune system that is able to uniquely respond to certain environmental influences.

most common process begins with sarcoidosis of lymph nodes Sarcoidosis lymph nodes when the lungs are affected Sarcoidosis lymph nodes when the lungs are affected , joined by sarcoidosis Sarcoidosis - how to protect themselves? Sarcoidosis - how to protect themselves? lungs.This will be a slight loss of the respiratory system, which ends in spontaneous healing.But it also happens that the pathological process of growing, granulomas are replaced by connective tissue, while the volume of lung tissue is reduced.This leads to impaired lung function.And as the lungs and heart are linked by a single function - delivery of oxygen to organs and tissues, suffering and heart - developing pulmonary heart disease, which is the ultimate manifestation of pulmonary edema and death of the patient.

be affected by sarcoidosis, and many other organs - the skin, eyes, liver, spleen, kidneys, nervous system, heart and so on.Characteristic granulomas may occur in any organ or tissue.

sarcoidosis affects the state pregnant woman

female sex organs in sarcoidosis are affected very rarely.But even if it happens (maybe even affected the placenta) to the fetus tissue sarcoidosis never distributed.Pregnancy also occurs in this case without the features.Moreover, many noticed that the manifestations of sarcoidosis during pregnancy decreased.Perhaps this is due to the increased secretion of glucocorticoid hormones cortical layer of the adrenal gland during pregnancy.

But there are opposite cases where sarcoidosis during pregnancy begins to progress.Therefore, women with sarcoidosis, it is necessary to plan pregnancy with preliminary full survey.

only danger to the fetus in the mother's sarcoidosis is the high content of calcium in her blood.The content of calcium in the blood of the fetus at the same drops that can cause the development of his seizures shortly after birth.But this danger is rather theoretical, as the level of calcium in the blood of women is rarely very high.Pregnant women suffering from sarcoidosis, must not forget that they should not eat a lot of foods rich in calcium (eg, dairy products), vitamin D and sunbathing.

Why sarcoidosis can be dangerous during pregnancy

main risk during pregnancy is increasing respiratory and pulmonary heart disease Heart failure - when the heart is unable to cope with the work Heart failure - when the heart is unable to cope with the work .If a woman suffering from sarcoidosis to the development of the pregnancy was already short of breath, it should be treated first, to achieve positive treatment results, check the condition of the respiratory and cardiovascular system, and only then decide on pregnancy.

The condition of a pregnant woman suffering from pulmonary sarcoidosis or sarcoid heart requires special monitoring.If signs of increase respiratory or cardiovascular failure is assigned a treatment.If, despite treatment the woman's condition deteriorates, the question may arise about an abortion for health reasons.

Treatment consists in the appointment of women courses of glucocorticoid hormones - it is usually rapidly suppresses inflammation and stop the progression of the disease.

Today experts often disagree on the question of whether to prescribe hormone therapy Hormone therapy - can cheat nature? Hormone therapy - can cheat nature? pregnant woman in the case, when sarcoidosis is asymptomatic.

Sarcoidosis and childbirth - how dangerous it is?

Most deliveries in sarcoidosis was uneventful.If a woman during pregnancy received prolonged courses of glucocorticoid hormones, during childbirth and in the first day after giving birth to her, these drugs are also appointed.

The rest of births take place without any special features.

sarcoidosis and pregnancy are quite compatible.But to pregnancy and delivery went smoothly, a woman must carefully prepare: a complete examination and possibly treatment.During pregnancy, it also should not forget to visit the doctor timely prenatal and fulfill all of its purposes.

Galina Romanenko