Tribestan and pregnancy - the combination of banned

Tribulus and pregnancy Tribestan and pregnancy are incompatible because of the hormonal effects of the drug on the body - during pregnancy is not always useful excess female hormone estrogen.Besides the impact on the body tribestana women has not been studied, and no one knows exactly how this medication affects how her body, and the body of the fetus.

How does Tribulus

Tribestan - it is herbal, which includes an extract of the aerial parts of Tribulus terrestris.This plant contains steroidal saponins furostanol type, which is the main representative of protodioscin.In the body, protodioscin decomposes to form the active metabolite - dehydroepiandrosterone, which has a medicinal effect.Other active furostanol saponins that are part of Tribulus terrestris extract, enhance the effect of protodioscin.

Tribestan has tonic effect and stimulates some of the functions of the reproductive system.Women timulyatsii consequence of this is to enhance the secretion of pituitary follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and ovaries - estradiol estradiol, a crucial hormone Estradiol, the most important hormone (one of the estrogen).

Under the influence of FSH accelerated maturation of the egg in the ovary, and estrogen contribute to the widening of the mucous membrane (proliferation) of the uterus - is the first stage of preparation of the uterus for pregnancy.The second step is the beginning of the suppression of cell proliferation and secretion - isolated cells of the mucous membrane of substances necessary for the implementation of the uterine wall of a fertilized egg.Phase secretion occurs under the influence of the female hormone progesterone.

If pregnancy occurs, progesterone secretion Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology increased many times over, as this hormone is the main hormonepregnancy.

possible actions tribestana during pregnancy

As is clear from the mechanism of action tribestana, this drug increases the secretion of estrogen.But a large number of female hormones estrogen will always inhibit the secretion of another female sex hormone - progesterone, and this is very dangerous during pregnancy.

Progesterone is vital during pregnancy.Its main function is to keep the pregnancy, especially in the early stages.He warns the smooth muscle of the uterus and thus prevents miscarriage.If not enough progesterone is produced, miscarriage Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing? Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing? provided.Today obstetricians antenatal closely watching the content of progesterone in the blood of pregnant women and in the case of reducing its level prescribed synthetic analogs of the hormone.

Thus, the expected impact tribestana on the body of a pregnant woman can not be positive - a pregnancy may end in miscarriage Miscarriage - whether it can be insured? Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it? .But Tribulus - a herbal drug, so it works smoothly and is less effective than the drugs of chemical origin.Therefore casual reception tribesana (for example, if a woman does not know that there was a conception) likely will not affect the state of pregnancy.

How Tribestan effects on the fetus

tribestana effect on the fetus has not been studied, so no one knows whether this drug to overcome the placental barrier and into the body of the child.Laboratory studies in animals did not reveal any adverse effects of the drug on the fetus.Nevertheless, the absence of clinical trials are not can confidently say that the reception tribestana will not toxic or mutagenic effects on the developing fetus.

What side effects have tribestana

Tribestan generally well tolerated by patients, the side effects are known only nausea and allergic reactions.But we all know that during pregnancy the body's response to a particular drug may be unpredictable.

especially dangerous in this respect, allergic reactions - they can manifest itself in the form of minor violations (eg, in the form of an itchy rash of different nature), and may - in the form of heavy violations - anaphylactic shock syndrome, Stevens - Johnson or Lyell.

Manufacturers also do not recommend taking Tribulus with severe diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys.A pregnant woman, these systems operate with a high load, and therefore there is a danger to women.

Tribestan not allowed to use during pregnancy.At the same time, the reception of small doses of the drug at the beginning of pregnancy is not the cause for the interruption.With proper monitoring in the antenatal clinic is no threat of miscarriage or fetal abnormality is not, as an obstetrician-gynecologist quickly identify all violations and take appropriate action.

Galina Romanenko