Fetal position - what to do if the baby is not positioned correctly?

fetal position From the position of the fetus in the uterus depends on how the birth will occur.If the wrong position of the fetus increases the possibility of injury during childbirth.Therefore, pregnant with the wrong position of the fetus, we should be particularly attentive to the doctor's recommendations prenatal and possibly advance to go to the maternity hospital to a doctor who should take their birth, to develop the necessary strategy of managing them.

position of the fetus and its types

position of the fetus is determined by the ratio of the longitudinal axis of the fruit to the longitudinal axis of the uterus.The correct position of the fetus in the uterus is considered in which the longitudinal axis coincides with the placenta longitudinal axis of the uterus.This situation occurs in the majority of cases.The position of the fetus

called wrong if its longitudinal axis intersects at whatever angle the longitudinal axis of the uterus (oblique or lateral position of the fetus).From the position of the fetus depends largely on the outcome of labor.If malposition births require medical intervention.

transverse and oblique position

When oblique fetal position fetal longitudinal axis intersects the longitudinal axis of the uterus at an acute angle, and one of the major parts of the fruit is the entrance to the pelvis.Characterized by the intersection of the lateral position of the longitudinal axis of the fetus and the uterus at a right angle with the major part of the fruit located above the entrance to the pelvis.

reason malposition - narrow pelvis, the location of the placenta at the entrance to the pelvis (placenta previa), tumors of internal female genitals flabby abdominal wallor the muscles of the uterus, polyhydramnios.

In addition to determining the lateral position of the fetus is determined by its position and type: if the head is to the left, this is the first position on the right - the second;If the back is facing anteriorly - front view, backwards - back.

Signs malposition

If malposition belly has a shape stretched in the transverse or oblique direction.Presenting part (part of the fruit, which is located directly above the outlet of the pelvis) in the transverse position is not defined, the oblique - head palpable left or right.

To clarify the diagnosis gynecologist gently (so as not to damage the bag of waters) is conducting a vaginal examination.This palpable small part of the fruit.After opening the membranes in the vaginal examination can be felt lowered to the entrance to the pelvis shoulder fetus.If the birth canal found a pen or leg, and at the entrance to the basin is not determined by the head or buttocks of the fetus is reliably indicates transverse position.

The dangerous malposition

Malposition try to fix before delivery.For oblique fetal position with the start of labor is sometimes self becomes longitudinal.In addition, you can try to turn the fruit into the correct position (there is a special maternity reception) or put a woman in travail at the side, the side which rejected the lowermost part of the largest fruit.

Childbirth transverse or oblique position of the fetus is often accompanied by a number of complications: premature discharge of amniotic fluid, umbilical cord prolapse, or small parts.fruit, etc.

If a woman with malposition will not provide adequate medical care, you can develop a running transverse position of the fetus fetus becomes immobile due to complete discharge of amniotic fluid.The situation is further complicated if the fetus shoulder hammering at the entrance to the pelvis.When contractions during labor so the fetus is gradually moving down the wall of the uterus is strongly stretched and there is a risk of its rupture.In such protracted birth child often suffers from a lack of oxygen (hypoxia fetus) or dies.Due to the long dry period is also possible infection of the uterus

Help in childbirth with transverse and oblique position of the fetus

by natural childbirth at the end malposition is rare.This can happen only when the small size of the fruit combined with polyhydramnios, when a child has room to move, and he will turn to the desired position.

Today transverse fetal position often held elective caesarean section.If any complications, preventing recovery of the fetus, caesarean section must be conducted.Of great importance in the wrong position of the fetus has individual development tactics of childbirth, a woman hospitalized in advance so that the doctor could understand her condition and make the right decision.

The belief that labor will proceed normally even if the wrong position of the fetus can only be for those women who are regularly seen a doctor of female consultation.

Galina Romanenko