Pseudopregnancy: all diseases of the head, pregnancy, too

Pseudopregnancy: all diseases of the head, pregnancy, too man can deceive - it's no secret.He can inspire decoys, not to instill a love of those ideals into believing outright nonsense.What do you think, is it possible to cheat ... the female ovary?Instill something incredible hormones?Getting the uterus to perform meaningless and doomed to failure of the plan?You are going to twist a finger at his temple?That's right, you hit the nail on the head!

brain, the most energy-intensive, the most poorly studied and the most bizarre body, besides also a great swindler, a magician and a deceiver.The human brain is able to look for reserves in case of unforeseen situations, it is able to respond immediately, assessing options, create a super-brain ... And also something that we call consciousness, able to carry out the desire.

Lose weight, even grow a little, sick to the control.Or secretly whisper, on the bottom of the soul - a small, sheltered from the head desire.Secret, frightened, lost, without hope but with faith, with memory failure analysis or harsh words doctors.Conceive.Please.

and women there are all the signs of pregnancy - first delay (however, the test will show nothing - "well, okay - still they always lie!"), And the severity of engorgement, mood swings, someone - morning sickness.Menstruation did not recover, but after a month or two - all on the schedule!- There will be a small pribavochka weight, want watermelon.Or herring.Or, and watermelon and herring at the same time.And to ice cream!

But then, when a happy expectant mother finally went to the antenatal clinic to make out all the paperwork and register with the doctor of her disappoint - in factactually there is no pregnancy.Mind Games, cruel jokes brain - nothing more.And women who proudly carried the growing tummy sniknuv, go to a psychologist - pseudopregnancy, or false pregnancy, severe psycho-emotional disorders are not treated gynecologists and specialists in human souls.

Hippocrates around 300 BC.e.described 12 cases of pseudopregnancy, and the history of the English Queen Mary I Tudor, the long-awaited pregnancy is proved to be false, was the textbook.According to official statistics of the Department of Health, 22 million pregnancies 6 - false.The "risk", especially towards the end of the women of reproductive age (38-45 years), who for many years unsuccessfully trying to conceive for them - women who have experienced the death of a child or miscarriage Miscarriage - whether it can be insured? Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it? and ladies who have convinced themselves that a baby to save their relationship with a man.Easily excitable, unbalanced, suspicious women also succumb to the will and, especially if the children were her friends, neighbors, relatives, pregnancy and inspire yourself.

As it is not surprising, but the cause of false pregnancy may be, however, extremely rare, and ... a strong fear of the appearance of the child.Public morality - a woman should give birth - and the desire to implement a maternal instinct come into a devastating conflict with a deep-seated fear.As a result, women are particularly sensitive may be signs of pregnancy, but "pass" their own during this birth, she does not agree.There are studies that show an important potential role of the feelings of guilt and fear of the consequences of having a child.For example, in Canada, have single Catholic false pregnancy occurs four times more often than protestantok whose community of less aggressively tuned to the emergence of illegitimate children.

Do not think that the "pseudopregnancy" woman of someone cheating insidiously.In fact, she is convinced more than any other in the near birth.She feels nauseous and dizzy Dizziness - if the ground was slipping from under his feet Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet , acutely perceives smells, feels the desire to eat something, "sour" or "salty".She really growing belly, swollen hands and feet, swollen breasts.Simply, according to psychologists, the stomach is not increased to make room for the development of a new life, and by an additional bending of the spine, expansion and accumulation of intestinal gases.Menstrual irregularities, changes in the mammary glands and mood swings Mood swings in women - bad character or a disease? Mood swings in women - bad character or a disease? occur as a result of hormonal disorders Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous , controlled "baffled" by the pituitary gland.

usually no serious treatment of women after pseudopregnancy is not required.Psychologist, part family, leisure ... And remember: this is just another test of your strength and self-belief.

Natalia Rudenko